Passaic River Park Exploration

The mighty Passaic River! ...looks kinda puny.

Remember a few weeks ago, when I was all like “OMG the Passaic River Park is right behind my apartment”? Of course you don’t. But I have made an updated discovery!

Not only is the Passaic River Park right behind my apartment (which, it turns out, is WAY LESS than a 15-minute walk from my apartment; there’s a trail that starts in my backyard! Well, “backyard,” it’s an apartment, whatever), but it hosts a network of tiny trails that run alongside a fair portion of the Passaic River!

I know, this sounds dumb, but it’s not on maps. Maps will tell you that there are a few teeny little parks that happen to abut the Passaic River, but they mention NOTHING about the interconnectedness of it all. So here’s my own map! (With help from Google, of course.)

Passaic River Parkway: Possibly in full!

(Blue = Passaic River, Lime green = park/trails, Red = some landmarks)

The trails kind of look like they’ve been maintained by nearby residents and volunteers, like whoever had a leftover bit of material built a bridge, like some random Boy Scout troop spent a couple weekends lining the paths with branches. There are DEFINITELY areas where you have to pause and figure out how exactly you’re going to cross this mud puddle/ ravine/ other obstacle. I’d hate to jog it when there’s lots of growth and going off the path is less of an option.

Also! You can access the trails from any of the nearby dead ends/ cul-de-sacs.

I have only explored between the Passaic River Park and Oakwood Park (both circled in red). Although I haven’t actually explored east/north of the Passaic River Park, the official Union County map says that all that lime green area is officially Passaic River Parkway! I look forward to checking it out some other weekend.

3 Responses to “Passaic River Park Exploration”

  1. Very cool map! You seriously rock.


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