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July 9, 2014



DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Do you remember that video meme? I do. This parenthetical phrase is a hyperlink to it.)

Taken after a heavy thunderstorm last week. It was rainbowing for a solid 10 minutes, right at dusk! So pretty! And finally, finally, finally, I put my polarizing filter to good use!! #nerd



July 8, 2014




I’m not exactly out of retirement, but the summer sky over New Jersey has been doing some interesting things this week, and I’m sharing.

I caught my first lightning strike last night! I’m very excited!


And I caught a second bolt, too! Whoaaaa.

That’s it. I’m done. I can sell my camera now.

(That’s a joke.) (But “photograph lightning” has been on my bucket list for a few years. Now I just need some star trails and I’ll REALLY be all set.)

April 13, 2013

Broken bones

Actually maybe it's a tibia.

Sometimes I find bones in the woods! I thought this was a femur at first glance, but upon closer inspection, I’m not really sure what it is… maybe a tibia? Probably from a deer or something.

April 12, 2013

Please stand back

Follow the yellow line!

On NJ Transit train platforms, by the yellow line, is a stenciled message warning passengers to “PLEASE STAND BACK OF YELLOW LINE.”

This has always bugged me. It’s lousy grammar, isn’t it? “Stand back of yellow line?” It ought to be stand back FROM the yellow line, which is what the automated voice announces whenever a train nears the station. On the other hand, my command of the English language has gone markedly downhill since high school, so maybe “stand back of yellow line” is acceptable now.

In any case: stand back! Don’t get run over by a train!

April 11, 2013


A town of stumps.

I’ll be honest: I don’t have much to say about stumps.

The word “stumptown” popped into my head while I was considering this fact.

I couldn’t quite place the word, so I Googled it.

I, being a comics nerd, was probably thinking of Stumptown Comics Fest (April 27-28 in Portland, OR), one of the well-known comics festivals around North America. But it’s also the name of a coffee company and some other things.

None of this has anything to do with New Jersey or, in particular, this stump, but so it goes.

April 9, 2013

My twigs are so bright, I’ve got to wear shades

Coolest tree in the forest.

Yeah man. So cool.

April 8, 2013

Over the tree trunks and through the woods


In January, I reported that the New Providence section of the Passaic River Park was impassible. I’ve been back to those woods a couple times since, but it’s always been difficult and disappointing.


Some gang sawed through that giant mess of trees… AND BLAZED IT. (I’ve been meaning to blaze it forever!) Neon orange marks now dot the previously unmarked trail, guiding hikers across un-trail-like areas that they’d never think to hike otherwise. Example below: hello random patch of weeds new trail.

You want me to go WHERE?

For several of the larger logs that blocked the path, rather than cut them up… they’re simply part of the trail now. Volunteers have added steps to help hikers hop over logs.

Over the tree trunk and through the woods

It is AWESOME. Excellent work. I don’t know who you are, mysterious team of trail volunteers, but I love you, and if you want a hand with the next go-round, PLEASE let me help. You’ve rocked my world!

April 6, 2013

All clear!

Wave bye now!

On NJ Transit, conductors look up and down the train and platform after everyone has boarded/disembarked at a station, and signal to the other conductors that no other passengers are coming and it’s okay for the train to pull out. (In daylight, they wave; at night, they flick a flashlight.)

April 5, 2013



Oh boy it must be spring!

April 4, 2013


Tito's Burritos

Behind Tito’s Burritos. I oughta check out the inside of this place someday.

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