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February 25, 2013



This is where I’d write something about this photo, if I had anything to say about it, but I don’t.

February 8, 2013

Braced for snow

Lady sitting in the snow, la de da

So apparently there’s some giant blizzard headed towards the northeast. (Weather Channel is calling it “Nemo.”)

New England is supposed to get the brunt of it, from what I can tell, but the New York/ north Jersey area is supposed to get 6-12 inches, and everyone is panicking. (Last night, after 9PM, I waited in line to get gas for about 15 minutes. [No gas crisis, but normally at that time of night, I’d roll right up to a pump, wham bam thank you ma’am.])

Being a seasoned northeasterner who lived through Sandy and doesn’t drive much, I’ve been sort of rolling my eyes about all the hubbub. Pshaw, we’re tough, we can handle a foot of snow!

…..but I should probably make sure all my electronics are charged anyway. Just in case.

I’ll keep you guys updated if anything interesting happens. (and assuming I have power!)


(By the way, this lady is the cousin of this kid, who lives behind the Library of the Chathams, and she was photographed over two years ago, so no, Nemo hasn’t saddled us with that much snow YET.)

January 19, 2013


Treetops, yes.

Sometimes ya just need to look up at some treetops.

January 17, 2013

Ponies in fog

Horses in fog. Well, maybe that guy/gal is a pony, I dunno.

Something about the line “ponies in fog” reminds me of Flight of the Conchords’ “Bowie’s in Space.” And I s’pose it also carries hints of “Snakes on a Plane.” All very straightforward titles, yet somehow creative in their uncreativity, no? Well maybe not “ponies in fog,” that one’s just a cop-out.

Regardless, here are some ponies in fog. (Or probably horses in fog, actually.)

January 13, 2013

Through the mist


There was beautiful fog everywhere today. And it lasted ’til about 1:00PM, which is unusual for morning fog.

January 10, 2013

Ticket window!


The ticket window at Chatham Station! Ooh! Ahh.

Just a context shot, because context shots are cool

The window was (presumably) constructed along with the station, which replaced the 1838 original station back when the railroad tracks were elevated through Chatham Borough in 1914-15.

Of course, now that all stations have automated ticket vending machines (TVMs), there’s less of a need for such an archaic structure. Just think! How quaint! Passengers used to purchase tickets from living humans!

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October 21, 2012

Cobwebbin’ it up

Cobwebs and colors!

(a) Cobwebs are pretty.
(b) Autumn is pretty.
(c) Reflections are pretty.

QUESTION: Is it possible to successfully combine all three of these disparate items in one photograph?

ANSWER: Probably.

Oh, and this is what the landscape looks like when it’s in focus:
Pond by the Great Swamp, Chatham Twp

May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Parade 4

Hello firefighters!

Remember how I said that most towns have their own parade? Chatham doesn’t! So the Chatham fire department came across the river and tagged along with us New Providincians.

During the closing ceremony, though, they got a call, and had to run— literally.

Sprinting firefighters!

May 7, 2012



The Chatham Community Band had a concert yesterday!


The theme of the concert was “A Tribute to the Movies” (which is, incidentally, a recurring joke on one of my favorite podcasts. [FYI, they get to it within the first 3 minutes of that particular episode.] They enjoy mocking the multitudes of ways that Oscar ceremonies can waste time.)

Oh look, that's a screen with movie clips!

For the whole movie tribute, they played songs derived from movies, and played clips from those movies on a projection screen in front of the band.

Pretty fun!

March 5, 2012

CVS drug mix-up

The famous CVS! Putting Chatham on the map in 2012.

This particular CVS in Chatham (literally across the street from where my jazz band practices) made news last week for its two-month medication mix-up.

From December 20, 2011 to February 20, 2012, kids who were prescribed fluoride tablets were instead given a drug used to treat breast cancer (tamoxifen).

Experts are saying it probably won’t hurt anyone, but it’s still scary to know that this kind of mistake still happens.

For more information, here are some links to articles for your reading pleasure:

Nutt, A.E. (2012). “Chatham CVS gives children breast cancer medication in accidental pill mix-up.” The Star-Ledger.

Silvius, L. (2012). “Chatham CVS May Have Mixed Cancer Drugs with Fluoride Pills.” Madison Patch.

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