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July 10, 2014



Fireworks display from July 5th. Bradley Beach and Asbury Park ended up doing their fireworks on the same night! My mother and I headed down to the Ocean Grove fishing pier (what’s left of it) to watch the Bradley fireworks at 9:00, and then turned around to watch the Asbury fireworks at 9:30. I never get tired of photographing explosives!

I don’t feel like/ have time to do a lot of editing, so I’m just gonna crop and resize and post a whole bunch of my favorites. (I won’t even STRAIGHTEN them. Yeah I KNOW. The AUDACITY, the ARROGANCE.)

Oh hey, P.S., I have an Instagram account, which is where I’m uploading casual snapshots these days. Follow me there for updates more often than once a year! (Side note: I have wayyyy too much fun with filters.)

July 9, 2014



DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Do you remember that video meme? I do. This parenthetical phrase is a hyperlink to it.)

Taken after a heavy thunderstorm last week. It was rainbowing for a solid 10 minutes, right at dusk! So pretty! And finally, finally, finally, I put my polarizing filter to good use!! #nerd



July 8, 2014




I’m not exactly out of retirement, but the summer sky over New Jersey has been doing some interesting things this week, and I’m sharing.

I caught my first lightning strike last night! I’m very excited!


And I caught a second bolt, too! Whoaaaa.

That’s it. I’m done. I can sell my camera now.

(That’s a joke.) (But “photograph lightning” has been on my bucket list for a few years. Now I just need some star trails and I’ll REALLY be all set.)

February 17, 2013

Horseshoe Cove (back in the day)

Horseshoe Cove

This is an old photo— from 2007— and the fact that it’s only 56kb scares me a little— but I think it looks okay…? No major artifacting?


It’s Horseshoe Cove, on Sandy Hook (New Jersey)— which is all but inaccessible at the moment, and probably doesn’t look quite like this anymore. But it’s still a nice scene to think about.

February 7, 2013

Navesink River, 6:39AM

Navesink River, NJ

I dunno, clouds are pretty sometimes.

January 11, 2013

Paramount sunset

Convention Hall by sunset. Ah.

When I began extending my radius-of-photography to include more of New Jersey, I figured this would allow me to pull from my years of archival photographs from the Jersey Shore (and elsewhere) when I was running low on local New Providence photos.

Unfortunately, as I look through my years of archival photographs from the Jersey Shore, I realize I haven’t been to most of those shore areas since Sandy, and I have no idea whether or not the subject of my photo is still there or not.

I have, however, been to Asbury Park’s Convention Hall/ Paramount Theater/ Grand Arcade recently, and I can confirm that the building is still standing.

Asbury Park even still has a boardwalk to the north! (not shown in this photo, but trust me, it’s there.)

(Image originally posted at Monmouth County Daily Photo.)

January 9, 2013

Parkers Creek, 6:32AM

Parkers Creek, Shrewsbury River, NJ

Ho hum, another everyday scene from the window of a train.

I love those fiery colors, though. Sunrises are really pretty nifty.

December 14, 2012

Shrewsbury River, 6:29AM

Scenes from New Jersey Transit: Sunrise over the Shrewsbury River

Just another old scene from NJ Transit.

Usually, rail commuters are either sleeping or engrossed in their newspapers, and they miss scenes like this.

But… damn.

November 13, 2012

This jetty is still here

Ocean Grove jetty, one day before Hurricane Sandy

This is mostly just continuing my ramble from yesterday, I just realized. But so it goes.

Confession: I only have so many hurricane-related photos. I keep telling myself to go back to normal posts, but they seem so… irrelevant to the situation in New Jersey at the moment.

I mean, statistically speaking, most people have their power back now (no disrespect to those who don’t), and most people didn’t encounter major structural damage (no disrespect to those who did), so maybe most people have moved on as well as they can.

I haven’t run into any gas lines over the past few days, so maybe that’s back to normal, too.

Those of us commuting into New York are still… uh… well, it sucks. And communication between NJ Transit and its customers is… oh, “unorganized?” But at least NJ Transit has gotten a few rail lines up and running, and provided some alternative methods for us to get to and from NYC, even if they’re, y’know, not my favorite express trains. 🙂

But for me, at this point, these hurricane-related issues are… not news. They’re part of a new situation that we have to live with. It’s surreal, and it’s aggravating, but I’m getting used to it.

I don’t think I have it in me to keep harping on about Hurricane Sandy and everything she destroyed. Nor do I have the photographs to illustrate it.

I’ll try to get back to regular posts, I guess.

What about you? How has the hurricane affected you? Are you over it, have you moved on? Are you still an emotional wreck?

November 10, 2012

Snow makes everything look pretty

West Allenhurst, NJ across Deal Lake

You’d never guess that this whole area was flooded just a week and a half ago! (Actually, I don’t know whether or not Deal Lake flooded. Still, it probably looked a lot worse than it does now.)

The temperature’s been reasonably warm (above freezing, anyway) since Wednesday night’s blizzard, so a lot of the snow has melted already. Which is good.

A lot of places in New Jersey barely got a dusting of snow anyway.


On the subject of snow being a pain in the arse, here’s what JCP&L has to say about the power situation:

Late yesterday heavy, wet snow and high winds from the Athena nor’easter resulted in approximately 120,000 additional power outages in the Jersey Central Power & Light service territory. This is in addition to the approximately 149,000 customers who remain without power from Hurricane Sandy.

So Winter Storm Athena almost doubled the number of customers without electricity. Awesome.

But on the bright side, current promises are that most people (except those in devastated shore areas) will have power back by Sunday (November 11). That’s cool. Maybe I can go back to New Providence soon.

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