Abandoned overpass 1

Abandoned Triborough Road overpass, Chatham/ Florham Park, NJ

At some point in the early-to-mid 1970s, construction began on a cloverleaf overpass for a road that was intended to connect NJ 24 to NJ 124. (124 is a main street through Chatham and Madison; 24 is a major freeway that runs parallel to 124; 24 wasn’t finished until 1992.)

A couple standing on what would eventually become Route 24; c.1970?

But locals raised a fuss; apparently the plans for the new “Triborough Road” ran uncomfortably close to the Passaic River, so environmental concerns (as well as budgetary concerns) prevented the road from ever being constructed.


Triborough Road unfinished cloverleaf exchange over Rte. 24, Chatham and Florham Park, NJ

Thus: there is a mostly-constructed cloverleaf exchange, totally unused, totally unconnected to any roads, sitting in the middle of basically nowhere. (It’s on the border of Chatham and Florham Park, not far from Millburn’s Short Hills Mall.)

For all the trouble it took me to get to this thing, I’m going to stretch this out into two days, so… stay tuned! I’ll continue this tomorrow. (Click here for the next Abandoned Overpass post.)



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5 Responses to “Abandoned overpass 1”

  1. Impressive. No, really. Sure, it’s geeky and a little strange that you go hunting for odd formations visible in Google Maps satellite view, but impressive nonetheless.

  2. I’m not that strange! I heard about it via the Weird NJ message board:

    Google maps just saved me the trouble of trying to read a bunch of bridge overpasses while hurtling down 24 at freeway speeds.

    …for the mulch site, on the other hand, I am guilty as charged.

    (Edited to sound less weird.)


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