Methodists in Morristown

Morristown United Methodist Church

This is the third— or fourth, depending who you ask— Methodist church (structure) in Morristown!

The first one was established in 1827.

After the congregation outgrew that structure in 1841, they moved to a second church a few blocks away.

After they outgrew THAT church, the third building, a Norman-style edifice, was designed by S.D. Hatch. Its cornerstone was laid in 1866, and it was dedicated in 1870. (See, here, check it out— below is a photo of it in 1873.)

Morristown United Methodist Church, 1873

I know, I know, you’re looking at that photo and thinking, “why, golly gee, that’s the same church in the modern photo! How neat.”

Well, yes and no.

In early 1972, the vast majority of the church was destroyed by a huge fire. Only the front tower and front wall remained, and they were subsequently reconstructed using stone from the rest of the church. The new building was reconsecrated in 1974, and today, a charred cross and some chandelier bits salvaged from the fire are displayed in the church’s courtyard as a reminder of the tragedy.


(P.S. Confession: this photo was taken during the Fall Festival, which is why there are a million people with balloons wandering around.)



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