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May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Parade 4

Hello firefighters!

Remember how I said that most towns have their own parade? Chatham doesn’t! So the Chatham fire department came across the river and tagged along with us New Providincians.

During the closing ceremony, though, they got a call, and had to run— literally.

Sprinting firefighters!

May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Parade 3

Is this photo too dark? I keep having trouble calibrating the dang colors.

After the parade, there was a closing memorial ceremony in front of the New Providence Memorial Library. (They also paused to say a few words in front of the Methodist Church [plus its cemetery] and Presbyterian Church [plus ITS cemetery] along the parade route.)

Police were keeping an eye on things. Cars kept driving through the middle of this ceremony, since the end of the parade wasn’t well-marked, and the cars needed to go SOMEWHERE.

May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Parade 2


Being a former band geek myself, I appreciate marching bands. Even when they don’t start playing until they’ve marched 100 feet past where I’m standing. (I’m not bitter. AT ALL.)


It’s interesting to see what the norm is for different marching bands. This band only fastened the top button of their jackets, and let the back zipper hang open, unzipped. (It seemed a little sloppy, but they were all wearing matching maroon t-shirts underneath, so I guess it was planned. But why not forgo the jacket entirely, and just wear the matching maroon t-shirts?) Plus, a lot of them carried their own little knapsacks/ mini backpacks through the parade. I wish we’d been allowed to do that when I was in band. (sulk sulk sulk)

May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day

I know this is obvious for most of you, but today is Memorial Day in the United States. A lot of us have the day off from work so we can celebrate the memory of those who died in wars.

One of the ways we celebrate is… parades!

Every town has its own local parade, mostly. So I watched New Providence’s! It’s sponsored by our local American Legion chapter.

The guard, shown in the top photo, was much less busy before the parade started:
Hurry up and wait

I’ve never photographed a parade before. It’s hard to get good photos of a parade! I’ll need to figure out some better techniques for next time.

May 27, 2012


Look, the queen bee has a white spot painted on her back! And she's longer than the others.

This year, the Summit Farmer’s Market got started a month earlier than usual. While the vendors are happy to have an extra month of business, most crops aren’t ripe yet, so the produce stands are only selling garden plants, lettuces, root vegetables, and sad-looking strawberries.

This means the non-fresh-produce stands are really interesting right now.

Tassot Apiaries [site] brings a honeycomb with live bees to the market! The queen bee is included, too. She’s got a white dot painted on her back (for identification purposes; apparently it needs to be repainted a lot) and she’s a little bigger than the other bees. It’s fun to try to find her in the swarm!

May 26, 2012

Garden show 2!

Sunflower ladies!

As portraits go, this is a pretty terrible one. I am lousy at clicking my shutter at the right time!

But these lovely ladies were hanging out in a tent at the Spring Garden Fair and Plant Sale, encouraging kids like me to plant ourselves a sunflower!

I got as far as putting the soil into a little newspaper pot before I mentioned that I live in an apartment, and I was gently informed that sunflowers + apartments = a bad idea.

I pouted and gave my dirt back.

Ohhhh well.

May 25, 2012

Garden show!

Everyone loves a tomato.

This past Sunday was the 23rd Annual Spring Garden Fair and Plant Sale, featuring Union County Master Gardeners!

A section of the Watchung Reservation is dedicated to their Master Gardener demo garden anyway, so they just set up some tables and tents, and put out a whole lotta plants, and called it a fair.

Gardeners, gardeners, everywhere!

Everywhere you looked, there were gardeners standing by ready to spring to action! And plants! Plants as far as the eye could see! (The plants weren’t ready to spring to action, though. No action plants.)

Every green-thumber’s dream, really.

…Well. Even for someone with a brown thumb (like me), it was a lovely opportunity to see all these beautifully cared-for plants in one spot. (Oh my poor stevia. Sigh.)

May 24, 2012

Carnival 5!


I originally wasn’t going to show you this photo of the Riptide at night, because it’s basically the same as yesterday’s light-trails shot… but these OLP carnival shots seem to be pretty well received, and how often do I get to do fun shots like these, anyway?

So HERE YOU GO. No more, though. It’s back to the boring life tomorrow.

May 23, 2012

Carnival 4!

The Zipper!

Continuing fun at the OLP Fair…!

I’ve photographed The Zipper at night before, and quite honestly it might be the exact same set of bolts and motors and lights (since it’s owned by the same company)… but never in New Providence!

I’ve always thought the little spinning capsules look like saxophone cases. (You can check Wikipedia to see what the ride looks like in the daytime.)

May 22, 2012

Carnival 3!

The swing ride!

Continuing with the OLP fair… everyone loves the swing ride!

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