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December 24, 2012

Waiting for a transfer

Waiting at Newark Broad Street

This holiday season, loads of travelers in New Jersey will be waiting here at Newark Broad Street to transfer.

…Well, loads of travelers/ commuters/ day-trippers/ etc. wait at Newark Broad Street station EVERY day, not just during the holiday season, but it seems much more season-appropriate if I mention the holidays, doesn’t it?

October 27, 2012

Newark, 7:31AM

Scenes from New Jersey Transit: Newark by dawn

At some point, I had aspirations of compiling a photo project titled “Scenes from New Jersey Transit.” It would be a collection of photos of New Jersey, all taken from the windows of New Jersey Transit cars. You’d behold the beauty of New Jersey! You’d enjoy the limitations of photos taken through smudgy green-tinted train windows! You’d laugh! You’d cry!

You’d… roll your eyes at another amateur trying to make her mark on the world with sub-par photography?

I don’t know that the project will ever be appealing to anyone but me, but it is a bit of ongoing self-indulgent fun.

This one, of Newark, shot from the North Jersey Coast Line, is from November 2011. I’m a little out-of-date, but I imagine the scenery hasn’t changed that much in the past year.

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