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April 4, 2013


Tito's Burritos

Behind Tito’s Burritos. I oughta check out the inside of this place someday.

February 10, 2013

Snowy streets

Snowy streets, bleah.

If you run, the days after a blizzard are a good time to have a gym membership. Running on ice— or through puddles and slush— or through indeterminate patches that *might* be ice but might also be slush or possibly even clear— is never fun.

It’s probably even LESS fun if you’re trying to drive through it.


P.S. I took a bunch of snow photos at basically the worst time of day possible (light-wise), so, uh, things are going to look worse than usual around here this week. Sorry.

February 2, 2013

Smidgen of snow

Just a wee bit of snow.

Ha, more snow tonight. Not much yet, which is good for those of us who drive. (Not so good for those of us who build snowmen.)

January 27, 2013

It fell from the sky

Snow in Summit

After Friday’s little snowfall, there’s supposed to be a “wintry mix” of some sort tomorrow. Which is, of course, going to make getting around into a big mess.

But y’know what? I’m just happy that the weather’s finally above 22°F (-5.5 C), which is where the temperature has sat for the past week. For New Jerseyans, that’s pretty darn cold.

I keep reminding myself that it’s still not cold enough to freeze nostril hairs, which was a thing we had to deal with in Chicago. And if I can get through that, then 22 degrees is nothing.

…”wintry mix,” on the other hand, I dunno.

October 6, 2012

Under construction

Click for full size: The Summit DeForest lot under construction! Such beauty! I'm crying tears of joy.

They’ve been doing construction on the DeForest Lot in downtown Summit, which is one of the very few places to park for free in downtown Summit. Consequently, we’ve all had to get a little creative with our alternate parking.

Speaking of “under construction,” I’m toying with the idea of upgrading some aspects of this blog in the next few weeks, so if anything looks funny or stops working, please let me know.

September 17, 2012

Summit Antique and Classic Car Show

1966 Volvo 544, from Smythe Volvo in Summit

Summit had a car show this weekend!

I am always a bit reluctant to go to car shows, because I don’t know very much about cars (despite my dad’s best efforts), and I can only judge a car by how shiny its paint job is.

But I can tell you: this 1966 Volvo 544 is one of two antique Volvos owned by Smythe Volvo, a dealer located just a few blocks away from the show.

Whoaaaaa! A car dealer! That's just crazy.


The other classic car they own is a 1967 Volvo 210— a snazzy wagon I caught driving away in front of the Roots Building.

1967 Volvo 210, also from Smythe Volvo in Summit, NJ

I can tell you all this NOT because I am awesome at identifying Volvos from the 1960s, but because a representative/employee of Smythe Volvo was hanging out near the 544 and answering questions. Smythe also showcased several brand new Volvos nearby, just in case anyone wanted to think about buying one.

I think I was told there might be plans to fix up another old Volvo beater sometime in the future.



Side note— it’s interesting how many businesses around here advertise through old cars.

New Providence Fuel has its mascot Ford (they even sell sweatshirts with that truck on ’em)…
New Providence Fuel Truck


…and the New Providence Tire and Auto Center has its unmissable Frankenvan…
Frankenvan at the New Providence Memorial Day Parade, May 2012


…and Artie’s Garage in downtown Summit has its charming Model A.
What a nifty car to find at Artie's Garage.


And these are just the few I’ve run across so far. Do the automotive businesses in your town have classic car mascots?

July 29, 2012

Outside Century 21

La la la la la

Century 21 is a small chain of department stores centered in and around New York City. This one in Morristown is only one of two in New Jersey. (The other’s in Paramus.)

True to its Revolutionary War roots, the exterior of the Morristown store is adorned with relief portraits of locally significant historical figures, as well as a commemorative plaque or two:

Continental Army Encampments: 1776-1782. Site of Baptist Church. Used as Smallpox Hospital during the encampment of 1777. Continental Soldiers were buried in graveyard adjoining.

Used as Smallpox Hospital during the encampment of 1777. Continental Soldiers were buried in graveyard adjoining.

…Which is interesting, because the First Baptist Church is a few blocks away, and the closest graveyard belongs to the Presbyterian church across the road.

My book says nothing on the matter, and the interwebs are giving me conflicting information. The most logical explanation I can find is derived from

Presbyterian Church of Morristown is the oldest congregation in the community. During the Revolution it served as a small pox hospital for Washington’s troops and the graves in the church yard reflect this history. Today, visitors will see the third church building at the same site.

Maybe— and this is completely speculative, mind you— maybe the current Presbyterian church was built on the original Baptist church grounds? Maybe there didn’t used to be a street separating Century 21’s commemorative plaque and the Presbyterian church, so it was all on one lot? Maybe the plaque-writers actually meant the Presbyterian church?

I’m at a bit of a loss here. Any Morristown experts out there?

March 17, 2012

Bein’ green!

Preparing for St. Patrick's Day at Martini's in Millburn

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you missed the parades, there’s still a chance tonight to don your greenest clothes, show off your shamrocks, and get drunk at local bars!

Martini’s Bistro and Bar in Millburn is one of the bars preparing to celebrate tonight. Apparently their “O’Tini” is a frighteningly fluorescent green cocktail.

If fluorescent green cocktails aren’t your thing, a lot of places offer green beer, which (as my coworkers and I found out after hours last night) is a drop or two of blue food coloring + normal yellowish beer. It’s loads of fun to make it yourself!

March 5, 2012

CVS drug mix-up

The famous CVS! Putting Chatham on the map in 2012.

This particular CVS in Chatham (literally across the street from where my jazz band practices) made news last week for its two-month medication mix-up.

From December 20, 2011 to February 20, 2012, kids who were prescribed fluoride tablets were instead given a drug used to treat breast cancer (tamoxifen).

Experts are saying it probably won’t hurt anyone, but it’s still scary to know that this kind of mistake still happens.

For more information, here are some links to articles for your reading pleasure:

Nutt, A.E. (2012). “Chatham CVS gives children breast cancer medication in accidental pill mix-up.” The Star-Ledger.

Silvius, L. (2012). “Chatham CVS May Have Mixed Cancer Drugs with Fluoride Pills.” Madison Patch.

January 9, 2012

New Providence Fuel Truck

Ye Olde Forde Trucke

The New Providence Fuel station has its own 1940s-1950s pickup truck to advertise!

Advertising on the truck OMG

I think that’s pretty cool.


P.S. Edit: It runs! I caught it in the 2012 Memorial Day Parade, coming down the street with the Lions.
New Providence Memorial Day Parade, May 2012

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