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October 3, 2014

Rollin’ on the river

Ye Olde Passaic River

Just in case you forgot what rivers look like.

Tho’ I guess the Passaic River is really more of a brook once it gets to New Providence.

February 17, 2013

Horseshoe Cove (back in the day)

Horseshoe Cove

This is an old photo— from 2007— and the fact that it’s only 56kb scares me a little— but I think it looks okay…? No major artifacting?


It’s Horseshoe Cove, on Sandy Hook (New Jersey)— which is all but inaccessible at the moment, and probably doesn’t look quite like this anymore. But it’s still a nice scene to think about.

February 7, 2013

Navesink River, 6:39AM

Navesink River, NJ

I dunno, clouds are pretty sometimes.

February 5, 2013

Falling ice

Not ideal for swimming, probably.

Brrrrr! The weather’s gotten cold again.

(Which is not surprise, seeing as it’s February and all.)

(But the days are getting longer! It’ll be spring before you know it!)

January 29, 2013

Ice on a spillway

Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: ICE ON A SPILLWAY. Because this is a spillway, and that is ice.

(It’s a little creek near Seeley’s Pond, right on the tri-border of Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains, and Watchung.)

January 16, 2013

Off-roading at Briant Park

Trickle trickle trickle

I keep stumbling upon delightful little waterfalls on dreadfully overcast days.

Mostly it’s just been dreadfully overcast recently, but man, why’d I bother asking for a ND filter for Christmas if the weather never lets me try it out?

The photo above was just 2 seconds— I wanted to open up the aperture to try to force some depth of field, but I don’t think there was a lot of depth to be forced.

The photo below was a 10-second exposure. Ten whole seconds! I love that my camera can do that!

A 10-second exposure! How awesome is that!

Also, note to self: there’s no point in having a functional tripod if you NEVER BRING IT WITH YOU. Silly Josy.

January 14, 2013

Swan lake

Swan lake

Sometimes all the right elements just come together, and all you can do is watch the results.


More swannie lakes

January 9, 2013

Parkers Creek, 6:32AM

Parkers Creek, Shrewsbury River, NJ

Ho hum, another everyday scene from the window of a train.

I love those fiery colors, though. Sunrises are really pretty nifty.

January 3, 2013

Raritan Bay, 6:58AM

Raritan Bay, September 2011

Another scene from the window of New Jersey Transit (circa 2011) (well not “circa,” this photo was in fact taken in 2011).

December 31, 2012

Another drop in the bucket

Drip, drip, drip

Well, for better or for worse, we made it through another year, didn’t we?

Here in the U.S., there was a hurricane, and an election, and some senseless killings, and some other stuff.

That sounds awfully negative! Help me out here, SOMETHING had to be good about this year, right?

What will you remember about 2012?

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