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May 31, 2013

Better bring your beach pass

Beach passes required!

But you can dip your toes in the water for free before 9am or after 5pm!

May 26, 2013

Memorial Day crowds

Memorial Day weekend in Asbury Park

Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore! Time for everyone to put Sandy behind them and start enjoying the unofficial start of summer!

Unfortunately, the unofficial start of summer has been about 55F at best. Nobody wants to lay out in weather like that.

Today, at least, the sun is out; it’s been rainy and overcast for the past two days. But all the boardwalkers and joggers are dressed in sweatshirts, long pants, fleece jackets, gloves. It’s not beach weather.

Lining up to buy beach passes in Asbury Park, NJ

Lining up to buy beach passes in Asbury Park

Shore towns have pushed themselves to rebuild hurriedly, to be ready for tourists and beachgoers and commerce-bringers at the beginning of the summer season… and the summer season comes with a tiny fizzle.

Well. Shore towns will have the rest of the summer to catch up, I hope.

January 30, 2013


Standin' on a groyne, yeah man

My mother tells me those rocky things on the beach that we’ve always called “jetties” are technically called “groynes.”

“Jetties” are found in pairs, while “groynes” can function individually. (I’m sure it’s much more complicated than that.)

But sheez Louise, when you talk about groins on the beach, rock structures aren’t what come to MY mind… but hey, to each his own.

December 30, 2012

Polar bears!

Official polar bear!

I went down to Asbury Park today, to participate in the 49th annual Polar Bear Races. They didn’t get any snow on the shore!

Due to boardwalk construction, runners found out upon arrival that the 5-mile race had been changed to a 5K, which was two miles shorter than we’d been prepared for. Oh well.

The weather wasn’t great (sunny but freezing [30-35 F], with ~30mph gusts of wind, which made it hard to [a] breathe and [b] run against headwinds), and [insert a bazillion other excuses here], so I didn’t do very well (two full minutes slower than my last 5K!). Oh well.

But SOME of these runners are REALLY hardcore, and took a Polar Bear dip in the ocean after the race.

Polar bears runners in Asbury Park!

NUTS, I tell you.

November 30, 2012

Boat wakes

Wakes are fun.

I’m sorry for posting fluff pieces for the past week. Maybe one of these days I’ll leave myself enough time to prepare a proper local-interest post.

In the meantime, here’s what one of the views from the top of Barnegat Light(house) looked like a week before Sandy. I have no idea whether or not those little islands and sand bars are even still there. But I hear the northern bit of Long Beach Island (where this was seen) fared a lot better than the southern portion, so who knows, maybe it still looks exactly the same.

November 13, 2012

This jetty is still here

Ocean Grove jetty, one day before Hurricane Sandy

This is mostly just continuing my ramble from yesterday, I just realized. But so it goes.

Confession: I only have so many hurricane-related photos. I keep telling myself to go back to normal posts, but they seem so… irrelevant to the situation in New Jersey at the moment.

I mean, statistically speaking, most people have their power back now (no disrespect to those who don’t), and most people didn’t encounter major structural damage (no disrespect to those who did), so maybe most people have moved on as well as they can.

I haven’t run into any gas lines over the past few days, so maybe that’s back to normal, too.

Those of us commuting into New York are still… uh… well, it sucks. And communication between NJ Transit and its customers is… oh, “unorganized?” But at least NJ Transit has gotten a few rail lines up and running, and provided some alternative methods for us to get to and from NYC, even if they’re, y’know, not my favorite express trains. 🙂

But for me, at this point, these hurricane-related issues are… not news. They’re part of a new situation that we have to live with. It’s surreal, and it’s aggravating, but I’m getting used to it.

I don’t think I have it in me to keep harping on about Hurricane Sandy and everything she destroyed. Nor do I have the photographs to illustrate it.

I’ll try to get back to regular posts, I guess.

What about you? How has the hurricane affected you? Are you over it, have you moved on? Are you still an emotional wreck?

October 29, 2012

We’re all photographers

Nothing can stop New Jerseyans from coming to the beach!

Everyone loves a hurricane!

Well, no, that’s not true, but I’m definitely not the only New Jerseyan curious/ stupid enough to go take pictures on the beach in tropical storm conditions.

(This photo was taken this morning. I’m weathering out Hurricane Sandy three miles inland from the Jersey Shore. For New Providence storm information, check out

Today, pretty much everything was closed (in anticipation of the hurricane), but it was barely raining yet. Stir-crazy already, my mom and I decided to go out and see what the beach looked like.

Just to, y’know, look around.

First, we tried to go to Ocean Grove, but we were met with patrol cars lining Ocean Avenue and chasing people away with their lights and megaphones.


Disappointed but optimistic, we scuttled over to Bradley Beach (the next town, about 200 feet south), which did NOT have cops out.

The Ocean Grove fishing pier was getting battered pretty badly, and it wasn’t even high tide.

Ocean Grove fishing pier: Still there on Monday morning

Ed., 10/31/12: Apparently the building in the photo above was washed away just a few hours later. I went back and got photos.

The storm is still pretty far away, though.

As of 11:00AM, Monday October 29, 2012: Areas potentially being affected by the sustained winds of tropical storm force (in orange) and hurricane force (in red). Image from the National Weather Service.

I’m not sure how long my electricity and internet will hold out— and I ain’t goin’ out to take photos in the middle of a hurricane— so I may miss a day or two.

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