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April 3, 2013


Down by the train tracks

Upon a quick glance, train tracks coming together remind me of venulescapillaries pooling into a larger vein… headed, I guess, back to the heart of New York.

…Thinking through it, a circulatory system metaphor for NJ Transit could be taken wayyyyyy too far. Perhaps the Northeast Corridor is the aorta, and that’s why it’s red…?

…Then again, I’m a medical animator, so don’t take any of this too seriously.

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December 31, 2012

Another drop in the bucket

Drip, drip, drip

Well, for better or for worse, we made it through another year, didn’t we?

Here in the U.S., there was a hurricane, and an election, and some senseless killings, and some other stuff.

That sounds awfully negative! Help me out here, SOMETHING had to be good about this year, right?

What will you remember about 2012?

July 17, 2012

Feast of OLMC – 2: The Oyster Shucker

Shucking oysters!

Continuing with the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Let me tell you: a skillful oyster shucker is MESMERIZING. He grabs an oyster, shuck shuck shucks, casually tosses the empty shell into a waiting pot, and repeats, and repeats, and repeats. See that white blur by his hip? That’s an oyster shell in midair.

I snapped a few candid shots of this gentleman before he noticed me. He was an excellent sport, and okay with me continuing, but I caught him off-guard.

Hey photographers— do you have a technique for taking photos of strangers? I usually snap first, smile and ask permission after they catch me. Is there a better way?

June 14, 2012

Fanwood Street Fair

Fortune is an African Gray, FYI. I clarify because EVERYTHING is gray in black and white.

The Fanwood Street Fair was this past Sunday, and it was a perfectly predictable street fair: vendors selling jewelry, local businesses trying to sell uninteresting but useful services (e.g. gutter cleaning), bouncy castles, festival food. I didn’t really see anything worth photographing… until I saw this guy.

This gentleman was ambling around the fair with a parrot on each shoulder! This African Gray picking ice cubes out of his lemonade is called Fortune. (Robert the parakeet is on his other shoulder, out of frame.) They all live nearby in Clark, and I guess they do shows around the state. (There was something mentioned about Asbury Park, which is about an hour south of here.)

Fun times!

May 22, 2012

Carnival 3!

The swing ride!

Continuing with the OLP fair… everyone loves the swing ride!

May 14, 2012


Snowy egret, oh so fair

I was surprised to find this snowy egret in Shallcross Pond in Kenilworth. Just, y’know, hangin’ out, four feet from the bike path.

When I got a liiiiiiittle too close, it flew across the pond.

Crossin' the pond

Don’t worry, it came back later! I didn’t scare it off too badly.

March 21, 2012

Another pedestrian bridge

For all you pedestrians out there!

I see this pedestrian bridge from the train every day, and I’ve been wanting to go check it out for a while. High places always make for good vantage points!

Unfortunately, in this case, the surroundings were particularly uninteresting. Nothing photo-worthy at all.

Luckily, bridges themselves are usually good subjects! Good old bridges.

December 14, 2011

Monochrome Bouras

Behind Bouras Properties

First, on a personal note:

Despite evidence to the contrary, I’ve thus far tried to keep the photography of New Providence Daily Photo relatively straight and photojournalistic; I’ve attempted not to impose too much of my “artistic vision” on these photos.

That said, in this digital age, I see black-and-white photography as an imposition of artistic vision, and I have avoided it to date.

However, as I continue to research photography in general, I find that monochrome images are generally considered legitimate in photojournalist and purist photographer communities.

I’m still a little skeptical, honestly, but the above photo won me over. The color information was so badly screwed up that if I just toned down the blues from the photo, it was basically black and white anyway.

So blue! Geez, I have to start minding my white balance.

And so! I give you the first non-vintage monochrome photo on New Providence Daily Photo!

(cue trumpet fanfare!)


Secondly, some actual information about the building:

Bouras Properties is a big sprawling office building on DeForest Avenue in/near downtown Summit. According to their website, the structure was built in 1958 and known as the “Kemper Building” until fairly recently (presumably ~1999, since that’s when Nicholas Bouras bought the building).

If you’re from the Summit area, and you’re wondering why you don’t recognize it, this is the rear entrance of the building. So. Y’know. Maybe you have better things to do than hang out behind office buildings.

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