Lightning! Better bring your beach pass Pinkies New boards Paint the town pink Still here Memorial Day crowds Filtered OLP 2013 – 7 – Riptide OLP 2013 – 6 – Run rabbit run OLP 2013 – 5 – Dragon Loops OLP 2013 – 4 – Himalaya OLP 2013 – 3 – Ferris wheel OLP 2013 – 2 – Swing ride OLP 2013 Tiny purple bells Revolutionary cemetery North End These boards were made for walkin’ Beached Dogwood tree Ferns are fun Cherry pink Westfield Presbyterian Bobble heads Rock on Arcanum Hall Dancing queens Goats Purple deadnettles (probably) Blossom Queen of all Apple blossom white Katzenjammin’ Greenwood Gardens Passing through Tokens of a bygone era Wick House Bursting It’s a board! It’s a sign! It’s….! Cheer Benchisms Please stand back 2 In profile Someday you’ll be a beautiful flower Bloodwort, bloodroot, it’s all the same to me Former hut Huts! From the yum-yum bush (not really) Broken bones Please stand back Stumptown Spot of sunshine My twigs are so bright, I’ve got to wear shades Over the tree trunks and through the woods Pre-daffodils All clear! Buddies Boundaries Venules Crocuses are croaking! Everything is great, everything is grand The eyes have it Mindowaskin bridge Snowdrops 3! Philately 2 Philately Cobweb 2 Badges Spiky little jerks Boat on a bridge Monochrome Lying on the ground Sand Frozen volleyball Filigree Things change Snowpile Have a cold one Horseshoe Cove, back in the day Beach closed Near Kearny Connection, 7:39AM Hottie! Snow on a hot glass roof Scheissicles Sometimes trains run (sometimes they don’t) Snowy streets Nemo strikes! Braced for snow Navesink River, 6:39AM Spring house! Falling ice Secaucus, 7:42AM Snow! Trains! New Providence! Smidgen of snow Frozen pond Underpass Groynes Ice on a spillway Salt It fell from the sky Shallow snow Splinters Fisherman Reconstruction Baby evergreen Footbridge 2 Tree tubes Treetops Whorls Ponies in fog Off-roading at Briant Park Seediness Swan lake Through the mist The abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad: Appendix A Paramount sunset Ticket window! Parkers Creek, 6:32AM Kiss my grass Ice and leaves Sayre House So much for hiking Mad seagull Raritan Bay, 6:58AM Lines Photo of the year Another drop in the bucket Polar bears! Freyr the snowstorm Summit Field Lighthouse lights High Point Monument Baby spruce Waiting for a transfer Swamp berries Mossy rocks Little falls Brass bands Hydrant in the woods Fuzz Grassy lumps Piebald! Model Shrewsbury River, 6:29AM Say ‘trees!’ 12-12-12 Christmas ball… things. Fallen streetlight Choo choo ch’boogie Juvenile gull Nathaniel Smith House! Warm reds Meanwhile, outside the general store Kelp me WE HAVE GLADSTONE TRAINS!!! Fogs not frogs!!! Waterloo sunset Boat wakes Claws Boxes upon boxes Snow on rocks Around the ground Leather hats Crib of corn Leafy lichens! Turkey day A reexamination of the current transit situation In miniature Land O'Lakes Sphagnum! Water water everywhere The Summit Beacon Scenic overlook This beautiful state This jetty is still here Got gas? Across Deal Lake Snow makes everything look pretty A brief review of the New Jersey transit situation Bleeping blizzards! Incoming! Towering Helping Shorelines Life marches on How do we recover? Devastation We’re back! (Sort of.) We’re all photographers Yesterday’s prep Preparing for the storm Newark, 7:31AM Lock it up Great egret! Fungus on a log Summit Playhouse 2 Sunbeams Cobwebbin’ it up New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge Seeley’s Falls (again) Gazebo-thing Across the pond The leaves, they are a-changing Seeley’s Falls… in the fall Millburn Fire Department Open House 2012 – An Interesting Map

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