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Mall at Milburn 2 (Short Hills Mall) M is for the Mall in Milburn Gooooose This old... house? Police station Salt Brook 2 Old Town Hall Life Municipal Center Sensational shadows Summit station: Some history Desire paths Berkeley Heights station Theme day: Edges! Rings of green K is for Keystone Merck Power lines Overlook Hospital Cemetery Passaic River Park Exploration Snow?! J is for Jack arch Trains! Burbling Supermoon! Cinematics Premagnolia Touch of green I is for Ice cream Salt Brook Train crossing Snowdrops! The Academy Summit Free Public Library Acorn caps + a sort-of-important river. H is for Hibiscus syriacus cultivars Summit Diner: Awesome Inside Too. Murray Hill Station 2 Raindrops keep falling on my head Can can Memorial Hall Prunus serrulata kwanzan G is for George! Central Presbyterian Mockingbird Here come the geese St. Teresa's Cobalt Gum balls F is for Fonts! Ice palace Cook's folly Dave! Alley Sunrise! Pay phones E is for Episcopals (or Episcopal churches, anyway) Waiting Little loveplows Summit SmartCard It's Christmastime! Wait no. Clouds Library... of the CHATHAMS D is for Double Decker! "Modernizing." Morris Museum! Parked Cold rails Hula hooper Ice storm C is for Chatham Recycle flags here (Part 3) 11 ft 10 in JFK Parkway Sunset Playset Another 2-foot Blizzard! Railroad crossing! B is for Berkeley Heights! Up on the rooftop Snowflakes! Footbridge! Well it's not Superman. Metered Fractal A is for Apartments Murray Hill Station Hewlett-Packard! Commuting home Up Springfield Avenue Firehouse! Blizzard #2 of the season! Cold Fish Going postal More snow! Leafy Summit Playhouse Bell Labs: Part II Bell Labs: Part I Glass bench Home Depot is EVERYWHERE Millburn Station Theme day: Photo of the year! Miniplow Peaceful cemetery Blizzard 3! Blizzard 2! Blizzard! Springfield Avenue Merry Christmas Summit Station Wreathy I saw the sign Lunar eclipse (on Winter Solstice!) Winter is upon us (also: a lunar eclipse!) Summit sidewalks Roots Building Bluebird singin' a song; nothin' but blue skies all day long Lock your... No place like hair for the holidays (...what) Batting cage Poolhouse Gas lines! Village Shopping Jaycees II Jaycees Another gazebo! Bucolic Out of season The center of information itself Heart of town Grand Summit Hotel Idyllism Theme day: Time (or: New Providence is nice, I guess.) Identical house signs...? Down the road we go Street banner Great Swamp Entrance Nine-eleven memorial Turkey Day! Make a left on Pine Welcome to... Summit! Birdhouses Looking to New York The American Legion On fire! Toitles! Christ Church Summit Opera House Choo chooooooo What road? Remembering Veterans Liiiibrary Hut-sut rawlson on the rillerah and a brawla brawla soo-it Recycle flags here (part 2) Army truck Swampwater Great swamps! Hikers Last views of fall Down the beaten path New England? or... NEW PROVIDENCE? Vote! Vote! Vote! Theme day: Public transportation! Trick or treat! and a diner. Disrepair Abandoned Masker's Barn Feltville: THE BEGINNINGS. Archeology! Cemetery Open road! Recycle Flags Here Bleachers Hydrant Memories Alan M. Augustine Pavilion Standoff Autumn! Welcome!

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