The NJ Transit evening commute at Summit station

There are a lot of us who live in the ‘burbs and work in the City. Those of us who live on the Gladstone branch of the Morris & Essex line usually have to transfer at Newark Broad Street or Summit. (This is Summit.)

If you’re moving to this area, and you plan to commute in to New York, and you’re trying to decide between living on the Gladstone branch vs. living on the Dover branch… I’d recommend the Dover branch. I live on the Gladstone branch, and it’s totally doable, but if I didn’t have to transfer all the time, that would be even better.

NJ Transit, Morris-Essex Line + Gladstone Branch.

…but don’t go so far out as Hackettstown. You have to transfer for stops beyond Dover, too. And the commute is about two hours each way, if you catch the express. Who wants that?


2 Comments to “Commute”

  1. Lovely photo but you could never license it commercially. I see a face and an Apple product. Good luck hunting those permissions down!

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