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May 24, 2013

OLP 2013 – 7 – Riptide

Riptide! yeah man.

Yay Riptide! I like that photographer in front, too.

Here’s what the Riptide looks like in a shorter exposure:

Riptide frozen in time

I think that’ll do us for this year’s Our Lady of Peace festival. ‘Til next year!

May 19, 2013

OLP 2013 – 2 – Swing ride


I’ve never actually been on a swing ride… or any other carnival ride, actually, come to think of it. It looks like fun, though! What’s your favorite amusement ride?

May 7, 2013

Rock on

Everyone loves a bari.

At the Westfield Spring Fling, the Rockin’ Jazz Band provided us with some music (it was good dancing music).

May 6, 2013

Arcanum Hall

Westfield's Arcanum Hall (during the 2013 Spring Fling)

I have a bunch of piecemeal sources that I’ve tried to assemble into a linear history, but I’m not 100% sure of any of this, so please correct me if you know I’m wrong.

Arcanum Hall is a neat little copper-domed building in downtown Westfield on the corner of Elm and East Broad Street. It’s been there for at least a hundred years or so.

Arcanum Hall, c. 1906

Arcanum Hall, c. 1906. (From Lipson 1996, p.100.)

It’s called “Arcanum Hall” ‘cos it was built by “the Fireside Council #715 of Royal Arcanum,” which was the local chapter of a fraternity kind of like the Masons. Initially, apparently the original Arcanum Hall was a block away on a different corner (Prospect and East Broad), but that building burned down in 1892. And so the Royal Arcanum rebuilt the current hall in its current location shortly afterwards.

At the moment, the ground floor is home to Sole Italian shoes.


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May 5, 2013

Dancing queens


I generally have a policy not to post pictures of children, especially not without their parents’ permission, but these kids dancing their hearts out to the “Rockin’ Jazz Band” at the Westfield Spring Fling were just too freaking cute, I’m sorry.

So much dancing!

Nobody can resist the rhythms of “At the Hop.” Yeah man, let’s GO!

April 29, 2013


Princeton Katzenjammers at Short Hills' Greenwood Gardens, woohoo!

The Princeton Katzenjammers, Princeton University’s first co-ed a cappella group, performed for the Greenwood Gardens open house on Sunday.

(Princeton is about an hour’s drive one way from here, which is a pretty respectable time commitment for a college student on a Sunday in late April, so— props to them for making it!)

April in Short Hills! Gardens in blossom!


Unsurprisingly, they were a talented group of singers, and they consequently attracted a fair crowd.
Crowd gathered to watch the Katzenjammers at Greenwood Gardens


At the end, they put on a cheer for us. I didn’t entirely understand it, and apparently some of them didn’t either (false start!).
Cheer fail!


They got it in the end, though. 🙂

April 27, 2013

Passing through

omg a train.

Sometimes trains pass through the Cranford train station! WHO KNEW.

April 6, 2013

All clear!

Wave bye now!

On NJ Transit, conductors look up and down the train and platform after everyone has boarded/disembarked at a station, and signal to the other conductors that no other passengers are coming and it’s okay for the train to pull out. (In daylight, they wave; at night, they flick a flashlight.)

March 6, 2013

The eyes have it

What a big blue beautiful eye! Won't look like this tomorrow.

I’m taking a break from New Providence Daily Photo for a while— hopefully about a week. My goal is be back by March 18.

Let me preface this: I do try to avoid getting into personal stuff on this blog (even if it doesn’t seem like it). I only say this now to explain in un-cryptic terms why I will have gone missing.

That said: I’m scheduled for a little eye surgery. (I’ll be in the hospital as you read this.) It’ll probably be fine, but I’m told it’ll take me a while to recover from the anesthetic.

So: no blogging until I’m feeling up to it… and I can see.

But I’m sure The Internet will get along just fine in my absence. 🙂

February 11, 2013

Sometimes trains run (sometimes they don’t)

Waitin' for the trains to start running again, doot doo doo

Um. Just. You know. Icicles on a train. ‘Cos trains have overhangs. And that’s, like, totally where icicles form. (On overhangs.) (Especially if the trains aren’t moving, because they’ve been suspended due to weather or some other silly thing.)

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