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January 1, 2013

Photo of the year

Ocean Grove, October 31, 2012

In the past, the City Daily Photo community had “theme days” on the first of each month. January 1st was always “Photo of the Year,” where you (or your readers) picked your “best” photo from the past year.

This year, the City Daily Photo community is veering away from monthly “theme days,” so there is no January theme day.

But I haven’t been an active member of the community for quite some time anyway, so I’m not going to let that stop me! Heh.

I’m not sure that this photo is my “best,” but it sure got the most traffic (original post here; other Hurricane Sandy posts here). And I’ll always associate that damn storm with the experience of walking on those warped and treacherous boards at Ocean Grove.

To the my readers who have stuck with me despite this blog’s ongoing journey downhill: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I may not always respond to every comment and every “like,” but I do read and deeply appreciate each one.

August 1, 2012

Theme day: Numbers!

Follow the numbers!

I haven’t done a City Daily Photo theme day in a while! The website’s down at the moment, but Julie has put together a temporary stand-in for the occasion.

So, uh, yeah. “Numbers” is the theme for this month!

Somehow, when I posted my photos for the Summit Overlook 5K (here and here), I overlooked (aaaahahaha) this one.

Well. It’s out of focus. Of course I didn’t post it. But it makes a pretty good thumbnail, don’t you think?

And look at all those numbers! How appropriate!

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January 1, 2012

Photo of the year 2011!


Thanks for helping me choose NPDP’s 2011 photo of the year! You rock!

“Sunrise” was originally posted February 18, 2011, after the existing snowcover got a fresh coating of ice.

This is actually a City Daily Photo theme day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

November 1, 2011

Theme day: Fences

York Fence Co.

So on Saturday, I was all “OMG I need fence photos for the theme day!”

Unfortunately, it was busy snowstorming outside, so this is what I came up with.

This is one of the fences that separates pedestrians from the New Providence station rail tracks (so you don’t accidentally stumble under a train, I guess).

Anyway, today is a monthly City Daily Photo theme day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

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September 1, 2011

Theme Day: Perspective

Fanwood pedestrian bridge

At Fanwood Station, there is a nifty pedestrian bridge over the tracks. You naturally see this view as you ascend the stairs. I wasn’t trying to be artsy or anything. Well okay maybe I was a little bit BUT JUST A LITTLE BIT. A smidge.

This is posted for City Daily Photo’s monthly theme, ‘perspective.’ Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

August 1, 2011


Yay reflections!

Something I have learned from my ongoing amateur historical research is that ANYTHING can be a postcard. Most of the local history books are filled with turn-of-the-century postcard photos; there are postcards of suburban houses, and postcards of churches, and postcards of public service workers on horses, and postcards of nothing in particular.

But for the sake of pretending I’m a thoroughly modern photographer… I think this is pretty, don’t you? Now called the George H. Bauer Community Center, it’s the second recreation house that has existed in Millburn’s Taylor Park.

Millburn's stone recreation house, Taylor Park, c.1950s

The first one was built in 1934 (as seen above, enjoyed in the 1950s)…

Millburn's recreation house, c. 1960s, post-fire

…but it burned down in the 1960s. (Well, it was “destroyed by a fire.” I guess stone doesn’t burn down that easily.) You can kind of see the wreckage on the left side of the photo.

But anyway! Taylor Park is the subject of my postcard-worthy photo. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants in the City Daily Photo theme day!

[Also posted for Weekend Reflections.]



Lampe, O.W. (1999, 2000). Images of America: Millburn. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738504130.

April 1, 2011

Theme day: Edges!


Well, a gutter is on the edge of the street and not-street, and each of its holes constitutes an edge in and of itself… and I haven’t seen this fluorescent orange rust anywhere except New Providence!

This gutter (which encourages you to not dump things in it) is right by the Lions Municipal Park, which is a good place for following the Salt Brook.

This photo is posted for the City Daily Photo Theme Day; Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

January 1, 2011

Theme Day: Photo of the Year!

Lunar eclipse (on Winter Solstice!)

Happy New Year!

(I’m out of town for a couple days, so I’m sorry if I don’t respond to comments immediately!)

The City Daily Photo theme this month is “Photo of the Year,” which is a little awkward since I’ve only been doing this for two or three months. I don’t have a lot of photos to choose from yet!

So this one, originally published December 21, 2010, has had the most views of any of my posts. It’s a total lunar eclipse!

Hopefully I’ll have a better selection next year (and maybe some more subjective/ aesthetic criteria). Are you excited yet?! I sure am.

Anyway, as I said, today’s a Theme Day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

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December 1, 2010

Theme day: Time (or: New Providence is nice, I guess.)

Town square clock 01

The Town Square Clock of New Providence. (Every town has one.)

But this one is SPECIAL. Check it out:



Seriously, New Providence? You put that on your clock? I’m embarrassed for you.

On a less snarky note, does anyone know why town squares always seem to be near the library and the police station? And what is the deal with the town clock?

(Also, I admit I took this photo in October. We don’t still have these kinds of fall colors around here.)

This photo is part of the City Daily Photo Community’s theme day! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants !

November 1, 2010

Theme day: Public transportation!

Diesel train!

Ah, New Jersey Transit! This is where I catch the train to work every morning.

This is one of the old diesel trains. Back when I was living in Monmouth County, I thought they had pretty much gotten rid of the old ugly train cars. Nope! Turns out they just moved ’em all to north Jersey.

It’s pretty frustrating. Diesels can’t go through the tunnel directly to New York! Even though they *can* run electric trains down the entire Morris-Essex line, I guess diesels are cheaper to operate, so they still use ’em about 95% of the time for stops on the Gladstone Branch. So if you’re unlucky enough to miss the last electric express train from New York (which leaves at 5:50. seriously, NJTransit? 5:50? so I have to leave work by 5:20? that is very early!), you have two options:

1. get to a PATH station (there are like 5 in NY), take the PATH to Hoboken, NJ, and catch one of the diesels there (which I had to do this past Monday ‘cos a train derailed *just* past Penn Station, thus blocking all trains in and out of New York during rush hour–ugh, what a mess!), or

2. catch one of the electrics out of NY, transfer to a (local! grrr) diesel at one of the subsequent stops.

Oh boy. ADVENTURES IN COMMUTING! I’m sure I’ll have plenty more stories as time goes on, but that’s my rant for now.


Aaaanyway. As I mentioned, today is a theme day (public transportation ftw!) for City Daily Photo blogs around the world! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants !

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