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Aster Place Thomas Nast's House! Twin Maples Overhead Sunrise 3 Scotch Plains Post Office Switching things out Millburn Train and Hobby Center (is no longer in business) Clematis Historicalness! West Summit Station Lake Surprise Driver Morning glory A dancer, interrupted by another dancer Morristown Fall Festival 2! Morristown Fall Festival! Park Middle School Inside the Summit Library Masons in Madison Klezmer! Roots Building 2 Harvest Festival 2 Harvest Festival New Providence has brand new ticket machines! Duck duck duck Melrose Building Lycoperdon, puffed for the very first time Le ballon vert Chatham Methodist! New Providence Street Fair! Magnificent Municipal Toadshrooms Chatham Library: Then and Now Early spring, late summer Saint Luke's Reformed Episcopal Flagpole Ten years Mural mural on the wall Jewelweed Stage House Inn Chatham Post Office's Sister Yellerbox Let's bench some iron. All Saints'. Passaic River Park, New Providence section, post-Irene St. Andrew's Episcopal Theme Day: Perspective Post-Irene: Revisited Country clubbin' Post-Irene After Irene: First impressions Hurricane preparations Life is bitter as chicory. Bank it Dabbawalla Old town hall 2! Lace Another Baptist church Maplewood Cinema Schoolin' Maplewood kids Schoolhouse Plaza Damsel Vespa Fanwood Presbyterian Rectory St. Stephen's Episcopal Rimback Bridge to nowhere A Squadron of First Aid Library hunting Have Faith Sunrise 2! Professional train station (Sort of) Meadow vetchling Sort of a town hall Oakwood Postcard-worthy! Maplewood Concierge Company Maplewood station! DMW DeForest Methodist Trifolium repens What goes 'round... stays 'round Fanwood Post Office! Fanwood Library Farmer's Market 2! Not-really-a-YMCA Parsonageity Not daisies Ogden! Fanwood station! Baptist gingerbread El Dorado Make way for new [DOUBLE] RAINBOW!!! Z is for Zion Oakes Center Flowers and honeybees MapleWoodstock! New Providence Post Office Ye new A&P Ye olde A&P Y is for YAG Kaboom 2! Kaboom! Calvary Dear old car Mushroom week [5] Mushroom week [4] X is for Xanthous Mushroom week [2] Mushroom week kickoff Farmer's Market! Electricity! Goodyear! Popcorn rhododendron W is for White-Tailed Deer Salt Brook Character Ring of Fire! Fungus! Cathedral Honeysuckle [rose] Frankenvan V is for Volunteer Sweetie-pea Fishawack Festival 3! Fishawack Festival 2! Fishawack Festival 1! A testament to [my] ignorance. Gingko U is for USPS Iris (not a sclera! not a pupil!) Railroad bridge! Sorrels New Proviterians Sunset Peony time! T is for Trail This is the church and this is the... bell tower The Brittin Building isn't British. Your friendly neighborhood dinosaurs Wist(eria)ful. Creamy creamy. Grace! Episcopal! S is for sushi Wet leaves The Paper Mill Playhouse! No stopping or wisteria. Fairgrounds Diners! in Madison? Old and seedy R is for Railway station Free Public Library! Halsey Taylor Jack, in his pulpit. Your Mom Cooks Asparagus Roses are red.. James Park Q is for Quoin Keeping up with the Jameses Gales Drive Happy Mother's Day! Pre-chestnuts! Madison library - 2 Madison library - 1 P is for Presbyterian Meeeead Magnolia! Brothers College Little Leaguers on Parade Adams! Our Lady of Peace (2) O is for Our Lady of Peace Baby leaves NJTransit: Train Interiors! Stigma, style, and stamens History and an emblem Forsythia Cheery cherry N is for Narcissus Speedwells! Dandy, dandy, where you gonna go now? Planted in memory Wisner House

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