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August 5, 2012

Sunsets and lakes, how fresh!

oh yes.

This unremarkable sunset image is brought to you by S, K, and the number 6.

(It’s Taylor Park in Millburn, for those who are keeping score at home.)

…Is it obvious that I should be in bed right now, not blogging?

July 8, 2012


Fishin' fishin' fishin'

Though this tiny branch of the Rahway River looks too shallow for any fish to consider swimming in it (to my eyes), fishers in Millburn’s Taylor Park know better.

…I mean, I assume they know what they’re doing. I guess I didn’t actually see anyone catch any fish while I was there, but it would be silly to fish in a fishless stream, wouldn’t it?

July 7, 2012


Oh waterfalls. You never get old. Clichéd, yes, but fun nonetheless.

It’s hot! 98° F (37° C) as I’m typing this, and it’s supposed to get up to 100 or so later. So here’s a shot of some nice cool refreshing water for ya’ll.

Since I haven’t gotten myself a neutral density filter yet, I still get pretty jazzed when I find waterfalls in shady areas (so I can take a long exposure of the water without overexposing the image).

This little dam is at the south end of Millburn’s Taylor Park. You’re probably not supposed to climb down there, but hey, anything for a photo, right? 😉

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