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Millburn Fire Department Open House 2012 Speed limit Walkin’ on boards Bicyclists Purple buttons Mountain landscape Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2012 Flowers Harvest Festival 2012 – Random grab bag of leftover shots Harvest Festival 2012 – Boat builders Harvest Festival 2012 – Dancers and drummers Harvest Festival 2012 – Weaver Harvest Festival 2012 – Potter Styphnolobium japonicum Wildlife photography (ha!) Another boardwalk Millburn street fair – 2 Millburn street fair Stirling street fair – 2 Stirling street fair! Cobweb Trainbow Duck bathing Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain Summit Antique and Classic Car Show – 2 Summit Antique and Classic Car Show Orange peppers at the Summit farmer’s market Thistledown Sparrows Littel-Lord Farmhouse Hostas + musings on bokeh Eleven years Great blue heron! New Providence Street Fair 2012 Italian Festival 7 - Grab bag of leftover photos Italian Festival 6 - The Balloons Italian Festival 5 - Carousel Italian Festival 4 - Sky diver Italian Festival 3 - Band time Italian Festival 2 - Ring of Fire Italian Festival! Burglar alarm Hibiscus Catwalk Les envols Sidewalk sales! Keychain Brookside Drive on a Sunday Red-tailed hawk! Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 4 Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 3 Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 2 Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival Morristown Train Station Mush-a-room The Great Train Robbery Makin' signs Campbell’s Pond pumping station 3 Campbell’s Pond pumping station 2 Giant swallowtail Stairway Gladiolus Convent Station Rock stars Apples and trains Vines The Literary Shark Purples Sunsets and lakes, how fresh! Tomatoes love you Traction Line The Doors Theme day: Numbers! Water Street And here we wait. Outside Century 21 Turtle Back Rock Interstate sunset Pearl crescent Down Bear Lane The stucco water tower of Millburn Summer lovin' Feast of OLMC – 7: The Zipper Feast of OLMC – 6: The Jitterbug Feast of OLMC – 5: The Musicians Feast of OLMC – 4: The Hurricane Feast of OLMC – 3: The Ferris Riders Feast of OLMC – 2: The Oyster Shucker Feast of OLMC The market is moving! Madison library - 3 Blue water Green algae Yellow crab Orange door Red clover Fisher Water Paleoptera Chalk in the street Happy Fireworks Day! Tree sitter Wallis Pond Dark train Fine arts, fine crafts, fine music Summit Overlook 5K – 2 Summit Overlook 5K Robert Lighthipe’s trap rock quarry Barber Beanie beans Tiny shroomies Fairy sofa Campbell's Pond pumping station More not-fungus! Pipes! History hike! Shrew Bamboo grows in Jersey Fanwood Street Fair Irissssssssss. Rubber Ducky Festival 3 (not a rubber ducky) Rubber Ducky Festival 2 Rubber Ducky Festival! Snowdrop tree! The train in Spain is not the train in Plain(field) Chard Netherwood Station Weedy All the way down Honeysuckle 2 Library tails! Pain in the rain Memorial Day Parade 4 Memorial Day Parade 3 Memorial Day Parade 2 Memorial Day Parade Honeybees Garden show 2! Garden show! Carnival 5! Carnival 4! Carnival 3! Carnival 2! Carnival! Supermarket garden Crepuscular crucifers! Asphalt crossing Bike bridge In memoriam Egret! Old blue eyes It's art! Family portrait Half blown New Jersey West Line Flutterby Concert Hyacinths of grape Another scary bridge Mayapple blossom! Bridging the gap Summit Street Fair Green Day 4: Composting Green Day 3: pH Testing Green Day 2: Tiny Turtle Green Day! (not the band.) South Mountain overpass Pretty white flowers Trainlight Sappy The littlest park Fishing for birds A slice of history Nike Road: Part 2 Nike Road: Part 1 Clockwork Library glass Bunny bridge!

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