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July 10, 2014



Fireworks display from July 5th. Bradley Beach and Asbury Park ended up doing their fireworks on the same night! My mother and I headed down to the Ocean Grove fishing pier (what’s left of it) to watch the Bradley fireworks at 9:00, and then turned around to watch the Asbury fireworks at 9:30. I never get tired of photographing explosives!

I don’t feel like/ have time to do a lot of editing, so I’m just gonna crop and resize and post a whole bunch of my favorites. (I won’t even STRAIGHTEN them. Yeah I KNOW. The AUDACITY, the ARROGANCE.)

Oh hey, P.S., I have an Instagram account, which is where I’m uploading casual snapshots these days. Follow me there for updates more often than once a year! (Side note: I have wayyyy too much fun with filters.)

January 4, 2013

Mad seagull

Mad seagull!

Well, even if I can’t give you recent photos, I can at least give you a few decent ones. Only every once in a while, though. Wouldn’t want to spoil you.

This is actually reposted from Monmouth County Daily Photo last year. It reminded me of Michael Smith’s famous Mad Bluebird photo, but I guess most birds just have that kind of face!

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