Seeley’s Falls

Seeley's Pond waterfall!

Waterfalls are one of the suggested things you should photograph on overcast days (which yesterday most definitely was). And there are some really inspiring waterfall photos out there! I decided to try it for myself.

This is the dam at Seeley’s Pond, right at the edge of the Watchung Reservation (in New Jersey).

Here’s what one of my books has to say about it:

Equally divided between Berkeley Heights and Scotch Plains, the Falls at Seeley’s Pond, off Diamond Hill Road, were named for Edmund A. Seeley, a Scotch Plains businessman who in the late 1800s founded a paper-manufacturing company that used the falls for power (Troeger 2005, 82).

The concrete, brick, and steel ruins of Seeley’s Mill can be found a little further downstream.

If this sounds vaguely familiar to you, this is NOT the same guy who created Feltville. That was David Felt, who ALSO had dams to power his paper manufacturing mill on what is now the Watchung Reservation.



Troeger, V.B. (2005). Images of America: Berkeley Heights Revisited. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738537527.

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