Ah, trees!

This is in the back of Oakwood Park, which is about 1.5 miles from where I live. It’s pretty much the western culmination of the Passaic River Park.

Passaic River Park: Updated for hike-able portions
(blue = Passaic River; lime green = portion with something resembling a trail; orange = access points)

Would you believe it started pouring about 15 minutes after I took this shot? I was still over a mile away from my apartment when I noticed the locusts had stopped buzzing, and I heard the trees rustle in that going-to-rain way, and I saw the inevitable stormclouds looming. I hurt my ankle a couple months ago, and I still couldn’t really run yet. But boy did I try! Up hills, down hills! And my stamina’s down the drain ‘cos I haven’t done any running in two months. I ended up gasping for breath on my floor (inside!!!) just as the downpour started. Talk about luck!


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