Bridge to nowhere

Bridge to nowhere, Passaic River Park

This is part of the Passaic River Park, before it gets anywhere near the river.

Passaic River Park: Updated for hike-able portions
(blue = Passaic River; lime green = portion with something resembling a trail; orange = access points)

As it turns out, the Summit Recycling Center (brown on the map) basically divides the hike-able portions of the Passaic River Park into an eastern and a western section. Technically, there *is* a way to hug the river to get around the recycling plant, but… I didn’t see until the second time I looked at it, a few weeks after the first. I noticed that the stepladder, bicycle wheel, rocks, and logs were all aligned *just so*, and I suddenly realized that it was *intentional*.

It’s very swampy, so you have to jump between these widely-spaced makeshift stepping-stones in order to not get your feet soaked. I missed. My left running shoe has been brown ever since.

There’s also an area where a path has been carved into a steep hill, and a tree has fallen in the middle of that path, and there’s no way to get around it, so you kind of have to climb through it. That was April 2011, though. It might be cleaned up now.

If you like obstacle courses, you’ll like it. If you’re looking for a hike, don’t bother.

On the other hand, you can reach it by public transportation, so you city slickers might enjoy it for a quick afternoon picnic. 🙂


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