Happy Fireworks Day!


I like fireworks!!!

Don’t you?!

Of course you do.

crackle crickle BOOM BOOM BOOM crinkle

In the United States, we celebrate our country’s Independence Day (on July fourth) by setting off fireworks!


They’re ESPECIALLY fun when you have front-row seats.

I really like this shot. It's too sterile to be interesting, but I like it anyway.

Well, technically, there weren’t really any rows or even seats at New Providence’s July 3rd show, per se. Just folks with lawn chairs set up along the town’s main drag, which was closed to traffic for the event.

There was a beautiful empty area of a parking lot where nobody was sitting, so I set up my tripod and laid down and snapped photos to my little heart’s content.

See the tiny black dots on my forehead? That's firework debris.

That’s a photo of my forehead. See the little black dots, especially above my eyebrow? That’s firework ash. THAT’S HOW CLOSE I WAS. I shielded my eyes for most of the show, after I felt the first couple ash flakes on my face.

Yeah. SUPER FUN TIMES! I always forget how much I enjoy fireworks.


2 Responses to “Happy Fireworks Day!”

  1. Great photos of the fireworks! Happy Fourth of July/ Independence Day!!


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