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November 6, 2011

October blizzard aftermath

Asplundh tree removal!

It’s been over a week since the October blizzard that pillaged parts of the northeast United States. Around here, most people have their heat and electricity back (mine came back on Friday, about 6 days after it went off), but cleaning up the devastated trees is an ongoing process. That’s what these guys are doing!

I spoke to the gentleman on the far right of the photo. He told me that their crew had come up all the way from Maryland to help clean up the mess, and they’ve been doing it since last week!

Most streets are driveable now, although there are still a few roads with power lines draping onto the asphalt, and as of yesterday (7 days after the storm), there were still some nonworking traffic lights in my area. The curbings are piled high and deep with branches that have been cleaned up from everything.

November 2, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle!

Poor bike. Poor owner.

One more blizzard photo (for the time being), and then I’ll probably stop, I swear.

This bike was parked outside the New Providence train station; the photo was taken Saturday, October 29, after the trains had been shut down (around noon). As such, the owner of this poor bike, who had probably gone to New York or the Oranges in the morning, may very well have been stranded there for a few days, until the trains started running again yesterday (Tuesday, November 1).

As of last night [ article], most New Providence residents had not had their electricity restored yet, but we’re supposed to get it mostly back today. Here’s hoping!

October 30, 2011

October blizzard 2

Smoking power line, Springfield Avenue, 4:32 PM

Smoking power line, Springfield Avenue, 4:50 PM

Above, you see a before and after of a smoking power line, taken 18 minutes apart. I was standing about 100 feet away when I heard a loud POP, like a gunshot. I saw flashes of blue-green and gold accompanied by a few more pops and fizzles and sparks, and then it was quiet.

While I was out, I saw about four tree branches fall (two large ones), right before my eyes.

As dusk set in and my apartment lost power, all through the night, the reflective cloud-covered sky would occasionally glow that same electrical blue-green for a second or two, presumably from some other power line exploding somewhere.

The trees around here still have their leaves, and with 6-14 inches of snow on top of that, it’s just too heavy for the poor trees, so branches are falling down left and right— and taking power lines with them.

I talked to one of my neighbors last night, who said there were spots on the road that were so badly blocked that you had to stop your car to get out and move branches, just so you could drive around them.

This October blizzard thing SUCKS. I’m visiting my parents in central Jersey, which barely got touched by this dumb snow. On the drive here, I had to dodge downed power lines (!), and I nearly turned back after 10 minutes. My local train line (Morris & Essex, Gladstone branch specifically) isn’t running, either, so I’m not sure how or if I’m going to work tomorrow.


October 29, 2011

October blizzard


Yesterday, one of my coworkers sighed and said, “this is perfect fall weather.”

Today, we get THIS.

The weather prediction was for rain/snow, which I interpreted to mean “a few wet flurries that will melt as soon as they hit the ground.”

No no no, we’re getting a SNOWSTORM. In OCTOBER. OCT-FREAKING-TOBER.

We haven’t even had our first frost yet. The weather is somehow still above freezing (38-40 F, about 3 C). Heck, this weekend was supposed to be peak for autumn leaves!

The half-inch of snow you see on those marigolds happened over the span of about two hours. I came back from the grocery store, did a batch of laundry, and when I went back outside, it had gone from raincoat weather to a blizzard.

My car isn’t even close to winterized yet. I had a bunch of errands to run today, and I’m scared to run them. As fast as you can brush snow off your car, it piles back up again.

Unfair! Arrrrrrrgh, damn you, weather!

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