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May 1, 2013

Queen of all


Yeah, that’s right, stand like a queen.

There are a whole slew of these three-foot-tall limestone statues around Greenwood Gardens. I think they’re supposed to be chess pieces.

August 29, 2012

Les envols


There’s a new-ish group of sculptures near Summit’s Village Green.

Les envols

You might think they look like penguins (how silly of you), but apparently they are a “reflection on the multiplicity and complexity of the human character (”

They’re part of sculptress Pascale Fournier’s Les Envols body of work.

According to Google Translate— I’ve forgotten most of my French— “envol” translates to “flight,” so interpret that as you will.

More complete essays (and images) of the sculptures can be found on and Ms. Fournier’s portfolio site.

May 12, 2012

It’s art!

A buncha sticks!

At first I thought this teepee-looking thing in the South Mountain Reservation might be an educational Native American exhibit, something like the the Lenape hut in the Great Swamp. But after seeing a few more of these trees with sticks propped around them, and hearing chatter about local artists who come out here to play in the woods… I think it’s art.

It’s about 5 feet tall, and it’s got an entrance, so you can even go sit inside, if you like!


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