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July 9, 2014



DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Do you remember that video meme? I do. This parenthetical phrase is a hyperlink to it.)

Taken after a heavy thunderstorm last week. It was rainbowing for a solid 10 minutes, right at dusk! So pretty! And finally, finally, finally, I put my polarizing filter to good use!! #nerd



September 21, 2012


Dare I call it... a TRAINBOW?!? No, that's pretty bad, even for me.

This has sure been a week for interesting weather at the train station.

I hadn’t seen a rainbow in forever! It was an unexpectedly lovely way to end the day.

I wonder if anyone else on the platform saw it. From what I could tell, I was the only commuter weird enough to go stand in the rain looking for rainbows. 😉

July 14, 2011


DOUBLE RAINBOW! well this is only a single.

Sometimes, when I’m at work, it starts raining. And we all look at each other and say, “boy, I’m glad I didn’t get stuck in that!” Soon, the sun peeks through a gap in the clouds, BUT IT’S STILL RAINING. And I excitedly run up to the roof to look for rainbows. So far, I have come back disappointed and soggy every time.

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I watched with trepidation as the train raced closer and closer to angry stormclouds. (Nobody likes to walk home from the train station in a downpour.)

It was raining lightly when I disembarked, so I hurried to get indoors before the storm broke.

About halfway back, the sun came out. BUT IT WAS STILL RAINING.

[dunh dunh duunnnhhhh]

And I looked around, and there was a FULL RAINBOW, right behind me!

So, obviously, I squee’ed and found a tree-sheltered spot to stand and watch. Turned out, it was a DOUBLE FULL RAINBOW, but it only stayed that way for half a minute. The main rainbow was gone in five minutes, and I didn’t get it on camera.

I walked the rest of the way home. There was no storm.

As I unlocked my apartment, I noted A NEW RAINBOW to my left— only a half-rainbow, but its arch was wayyyyy higher, and ALL rainbows are nifty. And THAT is what I have documented here for you.

I can’t find rainbows in New York, but by golly, we’ve got ’em in New Jersey, and I have proof.

[Posted for Skywatch Friday]

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