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October 29, 2012

We’re all photographers

Nothing can stop New Jerseyans from coming to the beach!

Everyone loves a hurricane!

Well, no, that’s not true, but I’m definitely not the only New Jerseyan curious/ stupid enough to go take pictures on the beach in tropical storm conditions.

(This photo was taken this morning. I’m weathering out Hurricane Sandy three miles inland from the Jersey Shore. For New Providence storm information, check out

Today, pretty much everything was closed (in anticipation of the hurricane), but it was barely raining yet. Stir-crazy already, my mom and I decided to go out and see what the beach looked like.

Just to, y’know, look around.

First, we tried to go to Ocean Grove, but we were met with patrol cars lining Ocean Avenue and chasing people away with their lights and megaphones.


Disappointed but optimistic, we scuttled over to Bradley Beach (the next town, about 200 feet south), which did NOT have cops out.

The Ocean Grove fishing pier was getting battered pretty badly, and it wasn’t even high tide.

Ocean Grove fishing pier: Still there on Monday morning

Ed., 10/31/12: Apparently the building in the photo above was washed away just a few hours later. I went back and got photos.

The storm is still pretty far away, though.

As of 11:00AM, Monday October 29, 2012: Areas potentially being affected by the sustained winds of tropical storm force (in orange) and hurricane force (in red). Image from the National Weather Service.

I’m not sure how long my electricity and internet will hold out— and I ain’t goin’ out to take photos in the middle of a hurricane— so I may miss a day or two.

September 21, 2012


Dare I call it... a TRAINBOW?!? No, that's pretty bad, even for me.

This has sure been a week for interesting weather at the train station.

I hadn’t seen a rainbow in forever! It was an unexpectedly lovely way to end the day.

I wonder if anyone else on the platform saw it. From what I could tell, I was the only commuter weird enough to go stand in the rain looking for rainbows. 😉

September 19, 2012

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain


Perhaps you heard about the thunderstorms that made their way up the east coast of the U.S. yesterday.

Perhaps you’re annoyed about this, because there’s still a drought where you live.

Perhaps you LIVED through these rainstorms, and you got soaked.

In case you didn’t, here’s what we ran into on the evening commute: the train doors opened to let us off, and we were unexpectedly greeted by a thick wall of water falling in our faces. We hesitated, got out our umbrellas, and barged through the waterfall, because what else were we going to do?

Point of interest: suburban commuters are weirded out when you take pictures during rush hour. This is pretty much the only photo I got (out of quite a few) where nobody’s frowning at my camera. To all my fellow suburban commuters: I am not taking your photo. You may happen to be in my picture, but I am not taking your photo.

June 1, 2012

Pain in the rain

Hooray for 30+ minute delays!

We’ve had some rain this week, which obviously means it’s time for the trains to break down, because what good would it do if they broke down on nice days?

‘Though I’ve spoken about it before, this is one of the aggravations of living on the Gladstone line: when our rush-hour express-into-New-York train was canceled, those of us stuck at the station couldn’t do anything but wait another 30-some minutes for a train into Hoboken to show up. (I got into work about an hour late.) I imagine most lines have more frequent service, which would make this sort of situation less of a problem.

Oh well. What can you do?

January 3, 2011

Home Depot is EVERYWHERE

Overlooking the Watchung Reservation

Don’t let this photo fool you— we’ve still got leftover snow.

I initially thought that was the edge of the Watchung Reservation in the background, but it turns out it’s just some trees. It’s pretty nearby, though!

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