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June 1, 2011

T is for Trail

Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center Boardwalk!

This is a swamp boardwalk in the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center. I think it’s the Red Trail. The whole park is a good area for introducing your kids to the Great Outdoors. In fact, most of the people I see on these trails are under the age of six. (Or they’re parents of said young people.)

…FYI, my internet is functioning at the pace of a snail stuck in molasses. It’s spotty, it’s about on par with dial-up, and 21st century websites keep telling me I’m not even online. If I miss upcoming posts, it’s because I can’t connect.

December 10, 2010

Jaycees II

Not safe for skating!

When I visited Jaycees Park, I was in search of a nice paved pathway. I love fitness skating, but I’m not very good at it, so I need a long and reasonably smooth stretch of pavement that’s out of traffic’s way. I had a few old standby paths when I lived further south (Joe Palaia Park, Thompson Park, Sandy Hook Bike Path), but I have yet to find anything up here.

Jaycees Park is probably great for runners, bikers, and dog-walkers, but it is just not safe for skaters. (Not uncoordinated skaters like me, anyway.) Not only has the path not been repaved in years (and so it’s fairly torn-up in places), but it’s very narrow, and much of it skims right along the storm drain/ditch here. There are areas where the path leads you right to the ditch.

I ended up doing laps around the community pool parking lot (which is where you park your car for Jaycees Park) for half an hour. It was epically unexciting, but the pavement was butter-smooth.

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December 9, 2010


Jaycees Park - the paved path

There’s a park/path that curls around the New Providence High School football field (which was being used for soccer practice when I visited) called “Jaycees Park.” It was created through various organizations, according to a sign near where this photo was taken:

This exer-trail has been made available to the citizens of New Providence through the generous donations from the New Providence Murray Hill Lions Club, Martindale Hubbel, Manufacturers Hanover, Electrical Industries, and Summit & Elizabeth Trust Company.

This community project was constructed to foster the health and physical well being of all those who may choose to utilize it

(The sign is a bit difficult to read, so I may have added a few extra commas where they don’t belong)

Incidentally: I discovered it through the New Providence Patch, which is a fantastic source of local information (particularly about parks that aren’t county-owned and thus not featured on the county website). I happen to be lucky, ‘cos a lot of my local towns do actually have their own Patch. I do wish there was a way to cross-check a lot of ’em at once, though.

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