Westfield Presbyterian

Westfield Presbyterian Church

Westfield Presbyterian is the oldest congregation in Westfield— they’ve been around since the Revolutionary era. This church is actually their fourth, built in 1862.

Westfield Presbyterian, c. 1908

Westfield Presbyterian, c. 1908

Of course, things change. You’ll note that the church didn’t used to have as many side windows! (Check it— 5 vs. a modern 7.) In the 1960s, they lengthened the church:

It was split just behind the third window, the steeple end was rolled forward, and a new section was inserted. This added two windows and about 30 feet, while preserving the church’s original appearance (Lipson 1996, 32).

The White Church, date unknown (probably old)


Lipson, S.H. (1996). Images of America: Westfield: The Golden Age of Postcards. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0752404067.

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