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In Morristown National Historical Park, there are some replicas of huts that soldiers would’ve stayed in during the Continental Army’s winter encampment of 1779-1780 (oddly enough, called, on the map, “soldiers’ huts”).

Each log-cabin hut has a 14’x16′ floor (roughly) and would’ve housed 12 soldiers.

They were pretty cramped. It was a lousy winter, by all accounts.


P.S. Here’s where Morristown National Historical Park is (link to a Google map):
Morristown National Historical Park map

Also here are links to trail maps (it’s connected to the Lewis Morris Park):
* Jockey Hollow
* NJ Brigade map
* Morristown Historical Park in context of Morristown
* Lewis Morris Park in color (PDF)
* Lewis Morris Park in less color (JPG suitable for printing B/W)



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