Spot of sunshine

Crocus crocus crooocus

It seems that we skipped from late winter directly to early summer this past week— temperatures went from just above freezing this past weekend to nearly 80F yesterday. Sheeeesh! Two days! Maybe three.

I keep hoping I can squeeze another week or two out of my tweed blazers before packing them away, but I should probably give up the fight at this point.

Usually I enjoy spring, but this year it feels like nothing but the inevitable looming of summer. (I do not like summer.)

On the other hand, I’ll finally have the opportunity to jam-pack this blog with bazillions of clichéd but amusing flower macros (like these little crocuses!).


One Comment to “Spot of sunshine”

  1. Flower photos are cliche, but who cares? Flowers are beautiful and we always want to take photos of beautiful things! 😉

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