The eyes have it

What a big blue beautiful eye! Won't look like this tomorrow.

I’m taking a break from New Providence Daily Photo for a while— hopefully about a week. My goal is be back by March 18.

Let me preface this: I do try to avoid getting into personal stuff on this blog (even if it doesn’t seem like it). I only say this now to explain in un-cryptic terms why I will have gone missing.

That said: I’m scheduled for a little eye surgery. (I’ll be in the hospital as you read this.) It’ll probably be fine, but I’m told it’ll take me a while to recover from the anesthetic.

So: no blogging until I’m feeling up to it… and I can see.

But I’m sure The Internet will get along just fine in my absence. 🙂


4 Comments to “The eyes have it”

  1. nice shot, and a speedy recovery, we all look forward to your return.

  2. If I had known you were going to have eye surgery, I probably would have attempted to contact you ahead of time, so that I could arrange to contact you now in a way that doesn’t require you to use your eyes. Or, if not contact you directly, then perhaps send flowers. Or fungus. Or something.

    • I didn’t know I was going to have eye surgery either. I walked into a clinic on Tuesday night, whereupon they poked around and said “You have a detached retina! We need to do emergency surgery TOMORROW. Come back at 8AM.”

      So I had time to come home, pack a small bag, cry a bit, get an hour of sleep, and post something up here.

      It was a pretty invasive surgery, as eye surgeries on 20-somethings go, but it went well. Now I have to worry about the post-op stuff. (I’m not a very restful patient.)

      I’m back at work; I can see, but my vision in my left eye is going to suck for a while, and I have to rest my eyes a lot. And not move much. (No running, no tromboning, no sleeping on my left side, no bending over, no lifting anything heavy, no being near dust, no flying, I’m supposed to look down a lot, and I can’t get any water in my eye so I have to be creative about hygiene. Sunlight hurts, too, so I dunno when I’ll be getting back to outdoor photography.)

      Please don’t send me fungus. It could get in my eye. But the sentiment is appreciated. 🙂

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