WWII card

2.00K – Axis Post Card Rate
+1.50K Croation Legion Issue
Legionnaires Issue enhances 2.00K Axis rate post card. Required for months of July and August 1943 on domestic mail. 4th and last Croation postal card issued for the new 1/1/43 rate. August 3, 1943. [quoted from note accompanying card]

The Westfield Stamp Club held their annual stamp show today!

It was pretty intense.

Stamps on boards!

Here are a few things I learned:

  1. If you keep stamps in an album, don’t use hinges. They damage the stamps.
  2. Even collectors are impressed by Confederate stamps, which apparently were only used and produced for five years.
  3. “Covers” are basically envelopes that have been mailed, and many of them are sought after.
  4. “First Day Covers” are envelopes (usually with a fancy picture [a “cachet”] to match their stamps) that have a fancy postmark indicating that they were mailed on the first day the stamp was issued.

Vendors! I bought a bunch of postcards from that guy (Stephen).

What’s your experience with stamp collecting?


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