Things change

New Providence, Grove Terrace abandoned greenhouse

Last February, on a Weird NJ message board, I saw a tip for some old abandoned greenhouse in New Providence. I don’t know if this is what they meant, but I eventually tracked down this abandoned structure on Grove Terrace and snapped a photo.

This February… well, they’ve been busy over the past year. This green house is built where the old shed used to be.

New Providence, Grove Terrace new construction

As you can see, it’s no longer an empty or abandoned lot. I dunno if anyone’s living in that green house yet, but it’s certainly more livable than it used to be (heh).

The grown-up in me says, “good! At least the land will be used properly now,” but the rebellious adolescent in me says “awwwww, I never got inside!”


2 Comments to “Things change”

  1. Who are we kidding here, the rebellious adolescent in you drove a minivan and studied chemistry for fun.

  2. That is not the abandon greenhouse. The greenhouses were not far from “Grove Terrace” field. If you walked the Erie Lackawanna tracks back in the early late 60’s and early 70,s you woold see the greenhouses below. There were rocks the covered the raised rail beds. The all glass greenhouses were too easy of a throw not to have been target many times with rocks from the rails. The greenhouse owner was well known around town as a relentless pursuer of vandals that broke his windows,

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