Snowy streets

Snowy streets, bleah.

If you run, the days after a blizzard are a good time to have a gym membership. Running on ice— or through puddles and slush— or through indeterminate patches that *might* be ice but might also be slush or possibly even clear— is never fun.

It’s probably even LESS fun if you’re trying to drive through it.


P.S. I took a bunch of snow photos at basically the worst time of day possible (light-wise), so, uh, things are going to look worse than usual around here this week. Sorry.


2 Comments to “Snowy streets”

  1. Are you a runner? I love to run and don’t have a gym membership. I gotta say, running in these conditions makes you hyper alert!

    • I guess I’m a runner? “I love to run” is probably the right turn of phrase for me too. The hyper alert thing: yes, but it’s mentally EXHAUSTING. But NOT physically exhausting: stopping to walk every half-mile because you’re trying not to kill yourself on every ice patch makes for a not-very-satisfying run.

      I hope it melts soon.

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