Secaucus, 7:42AM


The Frank R. Lautenberg Secaucus Junction station is a major NJ Transit transfer hub, and it’s about three minutes (train-ride-wise) from the entrance to the trans-Hudson tunnels (which are the tunnels that allow trains to pass from NJ to NY).

Another fun fact: as far as I can tell, there are two acceptable pronunciations of Secaucus.
The first is one that I use: “s’CAW-kuss.”
The second is one that the train conductors use: “SEE-caw-kuss.”

I have never asked native Secaucusians how they pronounce their hometown. They’d know what’s right, I’d imagine.


3 Comments to “Secaucus, 7:42AM”

  1. Ah “SEE-caw-kuss” makes me grate my teeth. I always said it the first way and probably wouldn’t even know what town someone was referring to if pronounced like the second version.

  2. I like the first pronunciation the best lol! Great photo full of wonderful ambiance 🙂

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