Shallow snow

If a snow falls in the woods...

Last night, some coworkers and I left the office together, and we were surprised to find the world covered in half an inch of snow, with more falling as we walked.

“This is the first real snow we’ve had in, like, two years!” said one of my coworkers, excitedly.

I turned to her, to argue the point, and realized: New York City hasn’t had much of any snow for a couple of winters. All the snow has been falling in New Jersey.

We admittedly didn’t have much last year, but we’ve had two or three so far this winter. There was a nor’easter—which I took a vacation day for—and there was another four-or-five inch snowfall last month, which stuck around for the next three weeks. A couple weeks ago, I woke to the sound of snowplows at 4:30AM.

This may be the first snow that’s stuck to New York ground in two years, but New Jersey has been no stranger to snow during that time.

…And half an inch doesn’t count as “real snow!”

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