Nails from the remnants of Ocean Grove boardwalk pilings, January 2013

I visited the shore last weekend, because that’s where my family lives, and we took a stroll along the Ocean Grove shoreline.

It’s been over two months since Sandy. I had assumed the boardwalk would be completely fenced off by now— you know, to dissuade stupid sightseers like us from skipping about on warped and dangerous boards— but no. And we weren’t the only thrill-seekers out for a warped-board stroll.

Ocean Grove boardwalk: not really open, but not exactly closed (January 2013)

It’s sad. The whole shore is sad. Everyone knows that. You were there, or you saw the pictures, or whatever. This is old news.

What’s new and encouraging is the reconstruction— or the beginnings of preparing for it, anyway.

Ocean Grove boards from the boardwalk, piled next to the pilings

Ocean Grove volunteers have begun tearing the unsalvageable planks from the underlying pilings.

It looks as though they’re trying to save as much of the existing boardwalk as possible.

Ocean Grove boardwalk: what can we save?

I’m told that even Belmar has turned its sights towards rebuilding the boardwalk. Although… I’d like to think that Belmar can start concentrating on its frivolous boardwalk now because the rest of the town is in such a good place, but there’s talk that beginning boardwalk reconstruction might be intended to create a distraction for still-overwhelmed Belmar residents.

Still. I like the idea of raising morale.


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