Footbridge 2


The wrought-iron bridge over the creek in Briant Park is probably the most elaborate bridge over a creek I’ve ever seen in a county park.

Here’s my guess: the bridge was constructed when it was still part of a private estate.

I don’t have direct proof, but Briant Park was established as a Union County Park in 1925-1930, and it was formed from the property of Isaac Briant (map 1, map 2).

So, I mean, if you owned a big tract of land with a creek running down its middle, and you had lots of money, wouldn’t you build a decent bridge so you could get from one side of your property to the other?

And then, if you went and formed a public park out of someone’s estate, and it already had this decent bridge on it… wouldn’t you keep the bridge?

I’m putting way too much thought into this. It’s a f&^%*ing footbridge.


One Comment to “Footbridge 2”

  1. Interesting story about the bridge, but i’m just focused on the symbolism of the paved path through the corpses of trees.

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