So much for hiking

This was a trail at some point

The Summit/New Providence leg of the Passaic River Park is very close to where I live, and it’s a lovely quiet place to hike when I don’t feel like driving 20 minutes to some big overhyped state park.

Trail maintenance is performed irregularly by volunteers. The section of the trail near me has always been a little neglected, so I periodically go out there with hedge clippers and work gloves, and clean up the trail so it’s nice and hikeable.

Today was my first time out there since Sandy.


Large swaths of the trail are completely obliterated.

Giant 100-foot trees snapped in half—like twigs—then fell on other 100-foot trees, and brought down huge patches of the forest all in one fell swoop. Now there are huge piles of logs blocking the trails, and there’s no way to climb over them, or under them, or around them.

Normally, if the trail is blocked by a tree that I can’t move, I’d simply move the trail around the obstacle… but obstacles of this magnitude require a complete restructuring of the trail, which is a pretty ambitious project. And I didn’t see any obvious alternative routes while I was out there.

This goes beyond my ability to clean up.

Tho’ maybe if I had a chainsaw…


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