Another drop in the bucket

Drip, drip, drip

Well, for better or for worse, we made it through another year, didn’t we?

Here in the U.S., there was a hurricane, and an election, and some senseless killings, and some other stuff.

That sounds awfully negative! Help me out here, SOMETHING had to be good about this year, right?

What will you remember about 2012?


6 Comments to “Another drop in the bucket”

  1. Well, 2012 was far from my favorite, but all who can read this were given 365 precious gifts last year. And 2013 started off with yet another gift!

    • I haven’t counted Josy’s posts; I don’t think she’s missed any days (possibly backposting as needed). I do know she posted this, which I certainly count as a gift!

  2. There were definitely some positives for me personally in 2012, probably foremost among them my wedding. Another good thing about 2012 was the blog author’s attendance of a chocolate party in February. 🙂

  3. I was thinking the gift of waking up to another day on planet Earth, but my lack of eloquence mucked things up. A lot of my friends had a rough year in 2012, but having a tough day or a tough stretch of days sure beats having no more days!

    As far as Josy’s photos go, they’re great, no matter what she says! 🙂 And her commentary sometimes gives me a good laugh, sometimes gives me things to think about. Much appreciated!

    • Your point that every day is a gift was well-taken. I was trying to express my anal retentiveness in as tactful a way as possible. The link I gave was for leap day, giving 2012 a total of 366 days.

  4. Aha! Yet another mental ball dropped on my part!

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