Boxes upon boxes

Just some post boxes

Just some old post boxes in the Whitesbog general store.


3 Comments to “Boxes upon boxes”

  1. Nice pic, and a coincidence. I was just talking today about our old apartment in Jersey City. There were two different areas that held 20 mailboxes each. Not nearly as beautiful as the ones you found, though. When we had a substitute mailman he’d often just throw all the mail on the floor in one huge pile. Ah, urban life!

    • Cripes, how does that even…? What, did he not have keys or something? Was he too busy? That’s nuts! Glad you’ve gotten away from all that.

      • I think he was just lazy. Our regular mailman was a great guy, but this sub? Oy! Maybe he was illiterate – we are talking Jersey City, you know! 🙂

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