Snow on rocks

Snow on rocks, oh boy

It’s supposed to snow today. This is actually a photo from last year, so I don’t know whether or not today’s snow will look like this or not.* According to our local government weather stations, (Philly/Mount Holly and New York), it’s only supposed to be 0-2″, but NJ Transit announced a system-wide cross-honoring YESTERDAY, so I’m a little concerned. Hopefully it’s nothing.

Of the many praises I sing of my Sony camera, one of the awesome perks (for me) is the exposure. Most of the time, it gets it right; the other 10% of the time, it’s easy to do an exposure lock, exposure compensation, or just set it manually. And when I get it wrong, it’s very quick to adjust the curves in Photoshop.

Sometimes I think I can process these photos quickly because I’m getting good at Photoshop. But then I have to deal with an exposure like this, and it takes forever. There goes that theory.

My last camera— a Fuji Finepix, on which this photo was taken— was not so exposure-friendly. I underexposed the snow in this shot— my fault— and I set the white balance for “shade” because it was overcast (and my Fuji tends towards blue casts), but unfortunately the snow came out reddish (but it looked okay on my LCD screen!).

I’ve struggled to correct the issues in Photoshop. This would be a piece of cake with a JPG from my big camera, but exposures from my little Fuji just don’t give me enough values to work with. Which is weird, right? Because a JPG is a JPG is a JPG.

I hear that this wonky exposure (and highlight/shadow clipping) phenomenon is prevalent on all small-sensor cameras, and I’ve attributed it to each camera’s interpretation of “dynamic range.” Or at least to my understanding of what dynamic range is. Is that about right?


*Or whether the snow already looks like this or not. I usually schedule posts, so I’m actually writing this on Monday night. Which makes it hard to figure out what verb tense I should use when I write. But anyway.


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