Crib of corn

Inside a corn crib!

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a corn crib looks like?

You probably haven’t. The Wikipedia page has a photo of a corn crib interior right there, and I’m not sure whether or not corn cribs are even still used.

The outside of a corn crib! Will wonders never cease!


Corn cribs are/were a big bin for corn to be dried out and stored. This one in Batsto Village included a belt-and-shaft machine at the top (not currently visible) for shelling the corn first, powered by the nearby gristmill’s water turbine.


2 Comments to “Crib of corn”

  1. I’ve seen a number of these old structure during my jaunts through the country, and come across the term “corn crib” many times in reading, but never knew exactly what one looked like. Thanks for helping me put the two together.

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