In miniature

"Diorama of the Revolutionary Period: 1780-1782." (Summit/Millburn border, east of the Passaic River)

HISTORY TIME! Aren’t you excited?!? You know you are.

In the Carter House (home of the Summit Historical Society), there’s a diorama representing a small section of what is now the border of Summit and Millburn, c.1780-1782.

Diagram of diorama from pamphlet. Incidentally: "Road to Turkey" = "Road to New Providence" = modern-day River Road.

According to its accompanying pamphlet, the main drag (King’s Road, where the lady with the yellow parasol and her boyfriend are taking a walk through the mud) is the predecessor of Route 24, which is a local freeway connecting Union and Morristown.

This is about where the Short Hills Mall now sits.

Map of modern-day area represented by diagram. Click to poke around the Google Maps.

Back in the day, this site was generally considered Chatham, EVEN THOUGH it was across the border in Essex County (until 1857, when “all the land on the right side of the highway” [south] ceded into Union County. If that’s the case, then I think they may’ve misplaced the beacon in the background— or I’m just disoriented by the diorama).

I could go into the gritty details— the pamphlet includes a detailed history on each and every structure— but seriously, come on.


* Credit for the construction of the diorama is given to “Philbrick M. Crouch and Harold C. Thomson, who were assisted by (Mrs.) Angele Crouch and Howard E. Welsh.” And it was created for the 1976 Bicentennial, so it’s not quite 40 years old.



Thomson, H.C. (1976). “Diorama of the Revolutionary period: 1780-1782.” Summit Historical Society: Bicentennial 1976. (pamphlet).


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