Sphagnum Moss!

If you want more info on sphagnum moss (aka “peat moss”), you can check out the Wikipedia article. But here’s what my “Old Bog Nature Trail Guide” pamphlet from Whitesbog Village had to say:

A unique feature of sphagnum moss is its ability to absorb many times its own weight in water. Native Americans once used it as diapers for their infants! Ecologically it is valuable in flood control and protection from drought. Sphagnum moss is also used as peat to loosen and improve soils and to protect plants during shipment from nurseries. Due to its acidic, sterile nature, sphagnum was an effective wound dressing during several wars. With its many applications, the gathering of sphagnum moss was once a major Pine Barrens industry.


2 Comments to “Sphagnum!”

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  2. I am a fan of peat bogs. Love to see the other plants living in them especially pitcher plants and sun dews. There is an amazing very old peat bog in Lubec, Maine right on the coast. Lot’s of moisture there with 30% of the days having fog!

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