This jetty is still here

Ocean Grove jetty, one day before Hurricane Sandy

This is mostly just continuing my ramble from yesterday, I just realized. But so it goes.

Confession: I only have so many hurricane-related photos. I keep telling myself to go back to normal posts, but they seem so… irrelevant to the situation in New Jersey at the moment.

I mean, statistically speaking, most people have their power back now (no disrespect to those who don’t), and most people didn’t encounter major structural damage (no disrespect to those who did), so maybe most people have moved on as well as they can.

I haven’t run into any gas lines over the past few days, so maybe that’s back to normal, too.

Those of us commuting into New York are still… uh… well, it sucks. And communication between NJ Transit and its customers is… oh, “unorganized?” But at least NJ Transit has gotten a few rail lines up and running, and provided some alternative methods for us to get to and from NYC, even if they’re, y’know, not my favorite express trains. 🙂

But for me, at this point, these hurricane-related issues are… not news. They’re part of a new situation that we have to live with. It’s surreal, and it’s aggravating, but I’m getting used to it.

I don’t think I have it in me to keep harping on about Hurricane Sandy and everything she destroyed. Nor do I have the photographs to illustrate it.

I’ll try to get back to regular posts, I guess.

What about you? How has the hurricane affected you? Are you over it, have you moved on? Are you still an emotional wreck?


2 Comments to “This jetty is still here”

  1. Hey Josy – I was just catching up on your posts from the past few weeks; glad to hear you and your family made out OK.

    At my place in Summit, we were without power (and heat, and hot water) for 13 days, but thankfully everyone is safe and there was no major damage. Only this week have things begun to feel like we are getting back to normal (setting aside commuting hassles etc.) Looks like you had even more of a front-row experience to Hurricane Sandy, the photos from the shore are incredible.

    But it’s also nice to see some of the photo mix return to non-hurricane stuff as well. 🙂

    • Glad to hear you guys are okay, and you got your power back eventually! 13 days, geez. Kudos for sticking it out; I would’ve… I don’t even know. Slept at my office, probably, once I figured out how to get into New York.

      I weathered the storm a solid 3 miles inland— I wouldn’t exactly call it “front-row.” 🙂 But definitely closer than Summit, yes.

      As long as everyone’s okay, the inconveniences… they’re manageable. And probably finite. The commuting hassles will normalize sooner or later, and the shore will be rebuilt. Eventually.

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