Got gas?

Gas lines on the Parkway, November 3, 2012

From what I can tell, the gasoline situation in New Jersey has improved a lot since gas rationing began last week. There have been rumors, in fact, that Governor Christie may lift the rationing soon (just as New York has begun to implement its own gas rationing measures).

The mile-long lines at the gas station above, on the Garden State Parkway near the Union Toll Plaza (exit 142), were photographed last week. This week, I passed the same station, and the lines were much more reasonable.

It’s weird— things are starting to re-approach normality for some of us. (Starting. My apartment has its power back, and parts of the Morris and Essex line have started running again… but there’s still overcrowding and 2+ hour delays across the board.)

For some people, things never got ABNORMAL in the first place. The majority of my New York-living coworkers never even lost power, had perfectly fine cell phone reception the entire time, and their subway system is almost entirely back to normal now. It’s like they’re in a different country.

For some people, things will never be normal again.

Like I said— it’s weird.


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